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    Welcome to Biology Forum. Please read the following before posting.

    This Forum is for all who enjoy and/or are interested in the Biological Sciences.

    For the purpose of the forum that encompasses the likes of biology, genetics, evolutionary science, anatomy, pharmacology physiology, virology etc. This forum has split from Health Sciences and if you wish to discuss applied biology, medicine or other paramedical disciplines, please visit us there.

    There are just a few things to note when posting here

    First and foremost.......


    No medical advice will be given here, so please don't ask for any.
    If you want medical advice go to your GP.

    If you have a medical condition and/or are worried about any symptoms you have or therapy you receive, please go to your GP and do not post them here as they cannot be addressed on this forum.

    This is a new forum in many ways as the old Biology/Medicine became over-run with medicine topics and other paramedical discussion. I hope this new forum on the purer aspects of biology will have a great future.

    In future plans – we hope to be able to develop this forum further and further split it into more forums as traffic takes off.

    And as usual

    1) No Muppettry, Trolling, Abuse or Racism. We can all express opinions with out resorting to any of them.

    2) No Flaming. Science is generally theory based. Different people have different theories. You can disagree with and debate them without flaming.

    3) No advertising. Contact the admins if you want to arrange advertising space.

    As this is a science board we greatly welcome scientific discussion over other topics. However, other aspects such as employment and educational advuce topics do frequently arise where the members of this are best to address them – we certainly allow discussion of that here. This is provided it is connected to the field of biology.

    If you have a question about the above regarding medicine or other health sciences fields, please post them in the health sciences forum.


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