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internet in derry

  • 04-10-2009 11:44pm
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    got virgin for the house in derry

    supposely 7megs


    how can i in anyway improve this or my ping cannot even manage a game on xbox live without woeful lag

    and is there anything I can do to get out my my virgin contract with such a crappy service?


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    Your download speed looks grand to me, you will be on an "up to 7meg" package that up to is important you could be gettin 1 meg and still be within the contractual guidelines, i am on a 10 meg virgin package and i get between 8.9 and 9.6 meg

    As for your ping are you connecting wirelessly? Connecting wired for starters will help, what anti virus/security software are you using?

    Actually instead of me listin stuff have a look here


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    Virgin is dreadful. When I had it mine was meant to be 'up to' 10 mb, I was lucky to get 3 mb for downloads. Not much else I can offer except my sympathies!