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Charter ** updated 15/09/2010 ** READ BEFORE POSTING

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    Registered Users Posts: 23,263 Tom Dunne

    Ok, here's the first rev of the charter.

    Any feedback on it, please PM the mods.

    Keep it civil

    Usual Boards.ie rules, no trolling, flaming, trying to get a rise out of people. I am not saying that this is the internet, therefore is Serious Business, but please keep it civil.

    No discussion of anything illegal

    Software, DVDs, music, drugs, downloads, pictures, anything. If it ain't legal, it has no place here.

    Problem with posts/posters

    If you have a problem with a post or a poster, use the Report Post button (the little red triangle) and let the moderators deal with it. Back seat moderating is not what we do.

    ** ADDED 15/09/2010 **

    There is a new dispute resolution procedure in place. If you feel you that have been banned unfairly, please follow the complaints procedure as outlined in this thread

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