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What is the story behind this?

  • 10-09-2009 10:33pm
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    Hi... I was wondering if someone could explain to me the meaning or story behind "meeting at the Crossroads". At a concert, someone explained in earlier times, in Ireland, people would meet at the crossroads to talk, listen to music, tell stories, sing, dance, etc.. but I couldn't remember why that was.

    Would anyone know and be so kind to share with me? Many Thanks!:)


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    In the blues version, someone meets the devil at the crossroads, sells their soul to him and gets to be able to play the blues, i imagine the Irish version is a lot different.:D

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    Crossroads = junction of two roads presumably connecting maybe four communities -> handy place for people to meet.

    Dancing at the crossroads was immortalised by Éamon de Valera ... but he didn't actually say it.

    - see "The Ireland That We Dreamed of"

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    Many years ago, I heard that faction fights would take place at crossroads. The defender would take his position and draw a circle in the dust with his shillelagh. Then he would say "Now, let no man drive me out of here." This occurred in living memory. The only rule I heard of, was that there was no striking allowed below the belt!
    This was in Connemara.