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The Gentleman's Club Charter - Updated 30/12/2015

  • 14-08-2009 5:13pm
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    The Gentlemen's Club - Charter. Last updated 27/09/2013

    This forum is for discussion on any issue relating to general men's health, mental health, sexual health, the role of men in modern society, the pressures on men to succeed and anything else related to being a man.

    We'd like posters to be aware that sometimes people really are looking for help or really want to discuss an issue seriously. There's nothing wrong with a bit of banter and having a laugh but please consider that a thread on 'penis size' or 'hairy back' may be a matter of great merriment for you but the original poster may really want some serious answers and discussion. Just take every thread on a case-by-case basis.

    Basic Manners and TXTspeak
    This forum is here for the benefit of all the men of, but all genders and sexualities are welcome.
    Remember that this is just the internet. Don't take things too seriously, try not to get hot under the collar.

    Personal abuse is not tolerated on and will not be allowed here. Anything of this nature will warrant a sanction automatically. Remember the golden rule of "attack the post not the poster"

    No graphic, explicit or unsuitable images. Adding 'NSFW' is not enough.

    TXTspeak is not allowed on this forum for the benefit of all readers. Please take the time to format your responses in a manner that makes them readable to others. Saying that though we all make spelling mistakes, don't stress about these, you can go back and edit posts etc afterwards if you notice it.

    Reporting posts
    If you find a post offensive, upsetting or inflammatory - report it. Same for Spam, shilling, flaming and all that stuff.
    If you have issues with a post or a thread, please use the Report Post function to let us know. All you have to do is press this button beside each post -report.gif - and we will look at it. It might take a while, depending on when you report the post ... but it's the best way to attract attention.

    Keeping on Topic
    This forum is for the discussion of any topic from a male point of view.

    Topics for discussion can be pretty broad, but please try and keep individual threads on the the topic at hand. Don't hijack or derail discussions onto some other topic. This kind of thing is pretty rude. If you want to discuss something new, well then start a new thread

    Anonymous posting
    Anonymous posting is allowed, though not required. (to post anonymously you must first log out).

    Anonymous posting may be preferred and welcome for the more sensitive topics.

    The important point to note though, is that when you post anonymously, the post will not appear immediately. It has to be approved by moderators before it will appear in the forum. This may take some hours depending on when you post. Please be patient.

    Medical Advice
    This is not a medical forum.

    There is no-where on that you can seek or get specific medical advice.

    However if your aim is is to help create a place where people can shine a light on Men's Health in general, and facilitate full, frank & open discussion, then by all means post away. General information and first hand experiences may be shared, but absolutely no medical advice can be sought or given.

    This is not an ad site. If you find a great deal on something somewhere by all means let the members know, we also have a Bargain Alerts forum for such things. That's the height of it though. Shilling and spamming will not be tolerated.

    If you are a official commercial Rep sanctioned by, then please contact the forum Moderators by PM before posting your wares etc on this forum


    The Moderators for this forum are ancapailldorcha, Pawwed Rig, Pat Mustard, ToxicPaddy & Wibbs.
    The CModerators are bluewolf, mike_ie, Toots & K-9.

    If you think a mod decision in this forum is unfair, harsh, or just plain wrong - please don't argue on thread,use the dispute resolution procedure.


    Threads on dating are not permitted here, however there is a specific private forum for online dating. You can request access to it here.

    If you have an idea or suggestion, let it be known ... either by posting, or by PM to one of the mods.

    This forum will live or die based on the quality of posters/posts.

    One word ... courtesy


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    We are aware of the desire to discuss issues around gender rights, and the disparity - perceived or otherwise - of rights between men and women.

    We are also aware that a lot of posters have no interest in this issue, and no wish to discuss them when they start, or contribute to, a thread.

    In the interest of ensuring that all sides are catered to, we will be implementing a very strict policy of moderation around these issues.

    What this means:

    Gender rights, in the main, should only be discussed in threads where it is clear that the intention of the OP is to discuss these issues.

    For example, an OP of "Can anyone tell me why so much money is spent on womens health issues as opposed to mens health issues" is fine.

    However, if the OP posts about an experience with a mens health issues, we do not want these threads evolving into a discussion about mens health vs womens health.
    If a moderator sees that this is happening, we will state clearly on thread that we consider any such posting "off-topic" and will ban posters who ignore these instructions.

    This is important:

    The moderators decision as to what constitutes off-topic posting is final. Be VERY clear about that from the offset. It doesn't matter if you think the mod is wrong, or afraid to discuss the topic, or a bra-burning feminist. Off-topic posting WILL result in a ban.

    If the mod says it's off-topic, it's off-topic.

    mods will not be drawn into a back-and-forth, it-is-it-isn't argument.

    Any questioning of a mods decision on thread will result in a three month ban - there will be no exceptions to this rule.

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    Discussion of Pick-Up-Artists (PUA) methods and techniques are not allowed on this forum.

  • Closed Accounts Posts: 15,914 ✭✭✭✭tbh

    There is an expected standard of effort when posting in this forum.
    Lazy generalizations fall below this standard.
    Comments regarding personality traits which begin with words like "women just want to" or "all men are" are never true, and never serve any purpose except to inflame other users who feel the need to post to object to them them.

    Therefore, they will be regarded as flaming (posting a intentionally provocative post with the deliberate intention of bringing the thread off-topic) and users may be banned or infracted at the mods discretion.

    The mods will not be under any obligation to give any further warnings before enforcing this, or any charter rules.

    It is your responsibility to make yourselves aware of the rules of posting here

    Ignorance of the rules will not be accepted as an excuse

    If in doubt - PM one of the mods.

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    Criticism of any other forums across Boards,the moderation of these forums or anything to do with these forums will result in infractions and/or ban's for the guilty parties. this includes comments such as "this wouldnt be tolerated in TLL"/"imagine what would happen if i posted that in TLL" etc

    tGC is a forum for adults and as such,user's are expected to behave like adults.

    If you have an axe to grind with another forum then take it to the Boards Help Desk.

    Failure to abide by this simple rule will not be tolerated.

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