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Distant Membership Near Dunmore East

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    We all know the price of membership can be a bit much for some of us.
    I'm living in Kildare, full of amazing golf courses like the K Club, Carton House etc.
    I also have the use of a family holiday home in Dunmore East in Waterford.
    I'm wondering does anyone know of any courses around the Dunmore area that do distant membership as it would be ideal to get membership and a GUI handicap down there and also have the luxury of playing when I'm on holidays.
    All I know in the area is Dunmore East Golf Club and Faithlegg and from their website, they don't seem to do it.
    Any suggestions are very welcome and appreciated!


  • You could try Williamstown GC, Waterford Castle, Waterford GC, New Ross and Skark GC. All these courses are within 30 mins of Dunmore East. Im not sure if any of them offer distance membership as there is nothing on their websites but worth ringing and asking especially in this current climate all money is welcome :).

    Best of luck.

  • Thanks Deise Abu, I've looked at them all and sent off emails.
    I'll post the results hen I get them.

  • Give Dunmore East GC a call. Was a member there for a year under similar circumstances some years back. I found them very reasonable and accomodating.

  • Hi All,
    Just got an email back from dunmore east, very helpful and responsive.

    For all to see:

    Membership sought Membership Fee – First year
    (Including Entrance Fee, Annual Sub & gui/ilgu levy)
    Distance membership €300 
    Student Membership €220 
    Junior Membership €150 
    Distance Husband & wife €500 

    Signed:……………………………… Date:………………….
    Nominated by:…………………….…