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Forum charter

  • 23-07-2009 1:00pm
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    Welcome to the Postgrad forum. This is set up under the very general heading of postgraduate study, so everything from Diplomas to PhD's to Work placements etc are valid fodder for discussion. Also, sometimes your thread might be better off in:

    Teaching and Lecturing
    ... or your own College forum.

    Major rules:
    • No libel
    • No racist slurs
    • No discussion of illegal drugs or drug taking
    • No illegal discussion (such as sharing of Copyrighted software/music/films)
    • No trolling
    • No spamming
    • If you have an issue with the moderation on a thread, use the PM function to PM me (or Tom Dunne (the CMod)), or take it to feedback. I will not discussion moderation decisions in threads.
    • No back-seat moderating. If you notice a post that you are unhappy with, PM me or use the 'Report Post' link.

    ... and some other specific issues:

    Post titles
    When posting a thread, try and make your title as descriptive as possible - avoid terms like 'Help needed' without giving a reason. In particular, do not post a thread title in all capitals. The thread may be deleted without warning.

    Financial support
    There have been a few threads about financial support, specifically with regard to claiming the dole without being entitled to it. You may discuss claiming any and all benefits to which you are entitled, or believe you may be entitled. You may not discuss how to flout the law and illegally claim the dole, period. You will be banned from the forum for one week without warning for doing this.

    There have been a few issues here with surveys. For many in the social sciences and other fields, surveys are an invaluable tool, and is one way to solicit people to do a survey. However, spammers and one-time posters are causing problems. So, the rules for surveys are as follows:
    1. If you want to post a survey, you MUST PM me first with a link to the survey and what it is about.
    2. I will only allow posters from regular members. If your Post Count is zero or very low, I will not.
    3. Your survey thread must have [Survey] in the thread title.
    Posting a survey without following the rules on this to the letter will result in a week's ban. It is unfair to the forum regulars to have to read this crap all the time.

    Open days and other events
    Regular users who are in charge of courses or running open days or just happen to hear about them are more than welcome to post them up for everyone's benefit. Anyone from an institution who is not already a regular member (i.e. someone with no or few posts) MUST contact me first, no exceptions.

    Advertising courses does not allow companies to advertise on site. You may post helpful notes such as closing dates or the like.

    Text speak
    Text speak is banned on this forum, no ifs no buts.

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