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Collins Barracks Military Museum Dublin

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    I paid another visit yesterday to the Collins Barracks Military Museum in Dublin. It is part of the Irish museum complex spread across several buildings in Dublin and the Collins barracks location in addition to Militaria also encompasses the decorative arts museum (including viking artifacts etc).


    One of the main displays at the moment is "The Irish at War at Home and Abroad from 1550" which tries to cover the Irish military contribution to a lot of European military history, including both sides of WWI, the Franco Prussian war, the napoleonic wars, Crimea, and too many more to mention right up to current UN & anti-terrorits roles. The other main exhibition is 'The British Garrison in Ireland'.

    Here are some pictures I thought some members may enjoy. The collections cover a LOT of areas of history, WWI, the wild Geese, 1916, War of Independence, Civil War and lots more. I was not permitted to photograph all areas but here are a few I managed to get :

    Courtyard of the Building


    Collins Artifacts - Michael Collins Pistol, Sword and the pen used to sign the treaty & his death warrant ;


    Viking Helmet



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