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Cynical Viewpoint?

  • 12-07-2009 8:17am
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    As anyone living in Derry would have been aware two things happened in the last few days:

    1. The Craigavon Bridge was closed for about 24 hours and caused traffic mayhem due to a "suspicious vehicle"
    2. £1.5million worth of heroin was seized on the Foyle Bridge

    Are these both related?

    One can't help thinking the PSNI possibly used the Craigavon Bridge closure as a smokescreen to funnel as much traffic as possible onto the Foyle Bridge so they could intercept the haul for which they probably had "intelligence". They did this and subsequently caused hundreds of thousands of pounds of lost trade to businesses before you could even consider the inconvenience caused.

    I was driving over the Foyle Bridge at about 9.10pm on Friday night and there were 10 or more police officers standing in the central reservation of the bridge. It seemed bizarre with all the inconvenience caused to the public, they decided to put a checkpoint on the only other alternative route to the Craigavon Bridge.

    All that said, you could have put money on the Craigavon Bridge being open on Monday.....LOL. :p