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Recruitment Agencies, Name and Shame

  • 02-07-2009 9:20am
    Closed Accounts Posts: 20 ✭✭✭ DTTfan

    Why I am doing this?
    Ive been unemployed for some time now and have been using quite a number of agencies. A lot have been very good, supportive and helpful, A lot unfortunatly have been disgraceful.

    So i have decided its time for the employees to start fighting back, we have no rights and have been exploited by some agencies resulting in appliciations been doubled up, and been seen by potential employers as non employable.

    i am going to list some agencies and the reasons why in the hope that they get the message and start treating us better.

    BMS Dublin: Have sent my CV without my permission to potential employers resulting in 2 appliciations been sent out. No feedback from interviews and no back up. When i was employed BMS were one of the first to contact me to see if i had any vaciencies within the company, I wont be using them again.

    People Group Dublin. Arrogant to say the least, I have met with them face to face, and applied to numerous positions and have heard nothing from them. I have phoned my contact and never been able to get through.

    Executive Connections,
    Met with consultant, advised me that if i did not send exact figures and contact names to help with my appliciation i would not be successful. I will not pass on confidential information to anyone unless i am face to face in an interview and even then it will be censored.

    Adecco, A joke of an agency, promise you the world but is there even people working there.

    Sigmar Dublin,
    totally rewrote my CV and i got no interviews, consultant said my CV was rubbish, funny seeing as i got help with it from another top agency and when i did use it i got a number of interviews. Found the consultatnt arrogant and thought he knew everything, IE, he put me forward for a merchandising role thinking i had the correct qualificiations, I was a sales manager for 6 years and sales rep for 15!!!

    Brightwater Dublin,
    Uslesss, No contacts after first contact, will not return calls, will not submit appliciations.

    I could go on but im not.
    My advice to anyone out there registered to agencies is drop all the ones that you hear nothing from and concentrate on the ones that are helpful. When this climate turns and employers start employing again they will all be fighting to get you.

    As for the recruitment web sites well thats another story.

    Take care you all.


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    There are some good agencies out there but they are definitely in the minority. I guess like most things, it depends on the particular person you are dealing with.

    Two agencies that stand out, for me, for all the wrong reasons are:

    Eolas - continually post 'phantom' / generic job specs that don't actually relate to live roles. Receptionist will ask you a myriad of questions before putting you on hold and then telling you that person you are trying to contact is busy at the moment. Don't return calls / emails.

    Sigmar - I've dealt with at least two agents there who have no knowledge of the roles they are advertising. If you are recruiting for an IT role you should at the very least have a basic understanding of the (technology) requirements for that role.

    As said above, don't waste your time with the agencies who aren't working for you.

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    Hello All,

    Even I was/am so upset with consultants I was just curious if anybody else was and landed up on this site.

    I have certainly come across many , in London. And I do maintain my own (“black”) list of consultants (that only grows larger day by day) I’ve decided never to speak with again. Trust me, there ARE a lot of consultants out there who really aren't interested in getting you a job (they don't have one to begin with) , but other things like:

    * arranging "interviews" with good candidates so their new/inexperienced clients (“interviewers”) can gain real time interviewing experience. I certainly have felt this at one occasion. Don't believe me? Some of my other friends/colleagues have had similar experiences. Hence, I'd suggest talk to 'potential employer' on the phone first to get a real understanding of their requirements really are and if you're the right candidate for the role -- and only when you're happy and think they're genuinely hiring, can you visit them face-to-face.

    * Data analytics/market research:
    1. Salary research: Lot of consultants are just after numbers: your previous salary and what you seek for next role. They don't really have a role to offer
    2. references research: They just want to know 'more good candidates' through talking to you. They're not interested in your circumstances. Again they may or may not have a role.

    How do I know they don't have a role to offer? After half hour call, we both agree that consultant will email me role spec and company details. That never happens...

    The ones that DO have a job and get you an interview, end up not giving you an update with any feedback, even after weeks after interview . In my books, they're as bad as above --as I think the candidates after all the time and effort (and money) they invest to go to interview, deserve at least a very high-level feedback.

    And then there are always terribly IT-uneducated consultants. It's just unbelievable how they get a recuiter job! They don't have any idea of what they're recruiting for , but still have the guts to pick up the phone and call me!!

    Now...(drumroll) own list of people I'd NEVER do business with. Note: I'm NOT naming and shaming them, but only sharing my experiences (which could be single-sided!) and opinion with regards to who I think are bad recruiting agencies, in London market. The traits described above may or may not be apply for list below
    COA IT solutions
    Ubique Systems.
    Paribus Global
    Deepika Sharma (Progressive recuitment)
    CD IT Recruitmen
    TLP consulting
    E-synergy london