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Help. To learn drum songs

  • 25-05-2009 4:02pm
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    Hey there,

    I'm currently involved in a music project for my community where we teach music to both kids and adults , at the moment it's just drums we're teaching.

    I'm looking for anybody who may have drum books that teach songs, rock and pop stuff would be great. I was online and found a few sites that give tabs for free but there not accurate. As this is a non-profit making community project we can't afford to buy all the books for the bands they want to learn.

    I'd really appreciate it if anybody had any books that we could even photcopy songs from.

    Thanking you,



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    not too sound smart but your best best might be to just listen to the songs and let them play what they hear. try though if your looking for books( i personally cant read music so i never bothered). someone may have summit over that way. :)

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    you need to download a program called guitarpro and then download the guitar pro tab (eg. go here: and look to the right and get the ones that have "guitar pro tab" on them) of the song you want and it has the drums on it too, you can have the drums playing solo too!