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  • 25-05-2009 8:04am
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    ... what did we all think?

    Highs and lows for me. I
    loved that Optimus finally "grows up" and batters Megatron into giving him a bit of respect...
    was deeply unhappy that so much was left unresolved though. People on other forums have been saying this might be because animated will continue in some form, but I think they might have just run out of time.

    Anywho, as a whole I will miss animated.


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    I think as a series finale its pretty weak.

    If it was a season finale then it sets the series up very nicely for the entry of unicron or similar and they might throw some aspect of prowl being inside the allspark now working as some guiding light for optimus, new characters (arcee, jazz) Optimus and sumtac working some cross borders system between earth and cybertron etc.

    Alot like how things were going into the transformers movie.

    Now I liked as much as the next person Optimus getting some development, but some of it seems to be showing up very late, the whole optimus having some element of trust bestown to him from Ultra Magnus during the cadet days might have been something that was dropped earlier this season. I liked his fight with Megatron, there was a great nod to the movie (animated) with how the damage was shown with all the black cracks across the armour, and there was almost a moment where it looked to end the same way. But the scale of the attack doesnt seem that grand, the amount of damage done by 3 giant lugnuts isnt alot more then the damage done by megatron when when he was freed or starscream in the pilot.

    on a final note
    I am happy they killed off prowl, by this point he was way too powerful, Sari gets away with it because she is still not very good at the fighting side of things, but prowl needed to be nerfed and now Jazz would fill his role. On a side note attacking those giant robots with nunchucks looked really stupid

    edit: not to mention we were shown alot of cool deceptacons in the season opening that never got a look in, cyclonis and oil slick looked awesome. The only new deceptacon that got any real screen time was shockwave.

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    I want to know what's happening with Magnus. That's a serious point that needed resolution.

    Sari had a massive plot point left hanging too.

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    just to update. the series has been confirmed as finished... :(

  • Moderators, Music Moderators Posts: 25,851 Mod ✭✭✭✭ Doctor DooM

    BlitzKrieg wrote: »
    just to update. the series has been confirmed as finished... :(

    Yeah I heard last night.

    I'm not too happy bout that, although it had it's flaws it was still one of the bestest Transformers series out there. There's also so much unresolved.

    Here's to hoping there will be an "animated" trilogy.