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Bear Grylls named UK chief scout

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    Survivalist Bear Grylls named as new chief scout
    Former SAS man to take over from Blue Peter presenter Peter Duncan

    Scouts can earn activity badges for skills from skateboarding to global conservation, but the new chief scout could herald the prospect of members tackling some slightly trickier future pursuits – such as eating snakes and climbing Mount Everest.

    Bear Grylls, 34, the former SAS man and survivalist who, as television viewers will know, long ago earned his stripes for both the above, said he would be encouraging more adults to volunteer so that 33,000 youngsters on waiting lists could join scout groups.

    Grylls will become the youngest chief scout in the organisation's 102-year history later this year when he replaces the former Blue Peter presenter Peter Duncan, and he spoke warmly of his boyhood memories of scouting. "I got a sense of identity and a sense of belonging from scouts. My love of the outdoors started with scouting. It was a real confidence boost for me and opened a lot of doors."

    An author and public speaker whose television shows have included Man vs Wild, at 23 he became the youngest Briton to climb Mount Everest, crossed the Atlantic Arctic Ocean in an open inflatable boat, and served three years in the SAS.

    Grylls said that he hoped to increase the 90,000 adult volunteers offering more than 200 activities and to dispel the image of scouts simply singing around campfires in old-fashioned uniforms.

    His appointment got a thumbs up from Scout Elliott Tugwell, 13, from east London, who said: "People will not think scouts are as geeky as they did. Some might think he's crazy, but it shows he is willing to do exciting things like we do."

    Founded in 1907 by the Boer War veteran Robert Baden-Powell, whose Scouting For Boys is the fourth biggest selling book in the world after the Bible, the Koran and Mao's Little Red Book, the scouting movement currently numbers around 400,000 members.

    Ok, ok, he may be regarded as a fraud in some circles, and certainly not as good as Ray Mears in my books, but overall, this has to be a good thing, and certainly something positive in the promotion of Scouting in general.

    What do you guys think?


  • I think it gives the wrong impression to people. Many will now look to join on the back of the celebrity identity he has and this is just plain wrong in my opinion.

    Scouts is about basic fundamental skills and adventures, not about celebrity and glorifying some muppet who has proved he's in it for the money more than anything else*.

    I'm sure it'll be good for UK scouts as he'll be able to pull in people and sponsorship better than many could but I still think it gives the wrong impression of what scouts is about.

    *You just need to look at all the things surrounding the show he does; staying in 5 star hotels instead of the bush etc etc.

  • Bear Grylls, ok there was some scandal about his programmes not being as realistic as they claimed, but it no doubt will raise the profile of the Scouts..

    Maybe they wont be jumping out of an aeroplane but they should be out doing activities and not holed up at home on their playstations or Wii etc.

    Ray Mears is also good although in a more calm and relaxed fashion.

  • i think its a good move alright and he's a good ambassador for the scouts.

    always thought to my self if u were in a survival scenario bear grylls would get u out fast but nearly kill u in doing so, were as ray mears would have u living it up for a couple off weeks living off the land.

  • Wow when I read the title I thought this was a joke.

    Hmmm... I think he'd probably be a better chief scout then some we've had before, don't know about the current guy, but his predecessor seemed to do nothing much but scare kids in photos. I remember meeting him once and I wasn't impressed in anyway. At least Bear Gryls can be looked on as a physical outdoorsy role model if nothing else.

  • I actually don't think it's such a big deal that he stays in hotels while shooting. I mean, nobody would even question that on any other show, and just because he builds a bivvy doesn't men he HAS to sleep in it. They don't shoot all night, so what difference does it make where he sleeps? He still does everything you see on tape (eating everything he finds etc), and it's obvious he knows what he's doing.

    I don't know about you guys, but the latest batch of kids we've taken in are borderline handicapped when it comes to anything not involving a screen and a controller. Having a famous face they can relate to and respond to in a positive way sounds like a good thing to me...

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  • But didn't you guys know that he climbed Mount Everest and crossed the North Atlantic in an inflatable boat amongst lots of other expeditions?