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Tax Relevant Links- & REVENUE GUIDES



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    I suggest adding this link

    It used to be that the executors were responsible for the tax collection, this is no longer the case.

    The monetary value of the penalties for late payment could be severe given the monies involved in most cases.
    The one point thats worth noting is you need the disponers PPSN number.

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    Information on Deposit Interest Retention Tax ("DIRT"):

    Information in relation to claiming DIRT repayments and the relevant form (Form 54)

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    Hi just letting you know the "Leaving to work abroad" link is broken; I think this is the intended link:

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    Hello Incognito : Thank you for the info /links :

    As you appear to be very proficient in this area and may have professional contacts with Revenue :

    Could you suggest that they issue a Form 12 guidance document (similar to the Form 11 one) that explicitly comments on EACH LINE of the tax form to be filled out with clarifications (and if necessary examples) : while most info behind each item can be found in the multiplicity of tax legislation documents having the clarifications in a central location and linked to the Form itself would be very helpful. ( This is the approach the US tax authorities take on their personal tax return document. )

    (If the ROS On line retuirn has this capability already (I am not using it) please accept my apologies for an unnecessary request.)

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    As small businesses need to be aware of factors that can and may impact on their business development:

    Can you please post a links on the following:

    1 grouping legislation from the Revenue website-

    2 Ideally if you could post the vat directive - - the EU Commission clarification C.2009) would be helpful to may small businesses

    3. Please let people know we have a vat policy section in Dublin Castle - contact details here would be handy as there is limited knowledge within many sectors in Revenue on this directive - therefore small business may need to go to this sector to get clarity on this process. Irish internet businesses competing against direct sales inwards specially from UK internet companies need to be critically aware of how this process impinges on their buying policy.

    4. It would be extremely helpful if you could post info on the broader effects on this directive such as a risk assessment that Revenue or the EU carried out on the "effects" on the market place that this directive gives rise to. Small businesses need to be aware of these factors so as to ensure in their successful development that they do not enter a market sector that will limit their ability to grow given the "benefits" this directive bestows on MNC.

    Many thanks in advance for this info.

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    Thank you for useful links. Actually, I have an IRS tax relief question. My uncle who is US citizen and spent many years in UK facing some legal noticed from IRS US. Though his case is not much complicated but looking for an ISR relief company to get some deduct in the tax amount. But according to my aunt these tax assistance firms are only a waste of money. I found these articles to see reality.

    According to these articles, if we choose a better IRS tax relief company, we will get the benefit but as we are facing this legal issue the first time, so we are scared of scams. What do you think what kind of precautions we should take to avoid scams by tax relieving companies?

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    @ ShaunaMetzel: This site is Republic of Ireland focused so you're unlikely to get any assistance here for a US tax matter.

    In general, to avoid scams and where the issue is complex, the most prudent course of action would be to to hire a professional from a recognised service provider in the field. Using a professional with an actual physical presence as opposed to some online site might provide your uncle with a little more confidence about that person's credentials. Having said that, there may be some well regarded providers that operate primarily via websites.

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    Can anyone please point me to a Revenue guide in relation to the taxation of proceeds of life insurance policies taken out before 1.January.2001 ?