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Forum Charter- Please Read. PROPERTY THREADS WILL BE LOCKED!!!

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    Disclaimer: This is not a legal/tax/accountancy advice forum. Any opinion offered, in any guise, is to be taken as opinion, and nothing else. That means that if somebody offers a particular course of action, this is not to be thought of as legal advice. In the event that a poster says he is qualified to give legal advice, neither Ltd., nor any of its affiliates, accept any liability for any loss or damage arising therefrom. In other words, members can assume that nobody who posts in this forum is qualified to give legal/tax/accountancy advice. BY POSTING IN OR READING FROM THIS FORUM, YOU AGREE TO THIS DISCLAIMER. Any legal/tax/accountancy advice sought or given will result in an immediate week long ban. Second offences result in an indefinite ban.

    Charter Rules
    Defamation and Flaming
    Strictly no abuse of any other persons will be tolerated in this forum. Members who post personal abuse about others will be immediately banned and their posts deleted. This is a tax discussion forum, so we will be taking this very seriously.
    Tax/ Accountancy consultants are not to advertise in this forum. If anyone wishes to advertise here on, please contact DeVore.

    There is one exception to this general rule: if a user requests information about tax / accountancy services, someone who can provide these services is entitled to offer them but take it to PM. This should not however be the purpose of the thread for fear of spam threads. Consult a phone book / online resources before looking to open a thread here. This is meant that in general conversation if someone points someone in a general direction.

    Spam will be deleted. Repeat spammers will be banned and it is unlikely these bans will be lifted without much grovelling.

    Prejudicial Posts
    Prejudiced posts will be edited or deleted. This includes, amongst other things; racism, sexism and sectarianism. Other unreasonable or offensive prejudices are also covered.

    Inappropriate Material
    Posts containing inappropriate material will be edited or deleted. Inappropriate material includes (the obvious) pornographic material, but also includes any other material that I, or any other moderator of this forum, deem(s) to be inappropriate.

    For Sale
    Due to some threads selling causing major problems for the moderating team on the site in general, users will no longer be allowed to sell anything via this forum. In future, if you are looking to sell goods - go to

    Issues with moderators
    We are here to protect you and We do not expect to have any trouble in this forum, but there may be issues between posters and moderators. If you have an issue, use the private messaging function or else start a thread in Feedback. Do not give out in this forum about any moderator whatsoever.

    Reporting Posts
    Any thread or post that contravenes the charter should be reported. When reporting a post, make sure you have good reason. Someone disagreeing with you is not a troll, not all arguments are abusive etc. Abusing this feature is frowned upon. The report a post icon is to be found at the bottom left-hand-side of every post (except your own), and looks like this: .

    General Posting Guidelines
    General posting rules apply here as in any other forum on I expect common sense to be used, especially in this forum. Please refrain from muppetry.

    Before you post a thread, consider the following:

    Is what I'm about to post relevant, coherent or in any way interesting?

    Is it suitable for this forum?

    What this Forum is For:


    That includes

    Personal Tax Info- claiming credits/ refund on taxes/ structure of Revenue/ annual budget changes

    Corporation Taxation- R&D Credits/ Deductions / Compliance Issues

    VRT / Customs / Excise Duties- Importing Vehicles VRT

    Stamp Duty and Construction / Rental Income / Rent a room scheme


    This is intended to be a tax hub with stickies and links to the relevant Tax Briefings. What I want is somewhere that people can turn to for basic knowledge and references on a host of things tax related.

    This is NOT a free advice shop or for people to get nixers. Specific queries are to go to professionals and I have a track record of shunting people along. Please don't even try.

    You owe tax, pay the tax. Fraud and illegality and support of same will not be tolerated. You have been warned.

    Because of the large sums involved any threads seeking advice on potential property transactions will be locked. When dealing with property transactions ALWAYS seek competent professional advisors and not a taxation discussion forum on boards- not all posters are qualified professionals.

    There are a number of Posters that attach calculators and links to same in their signature. A link in a sig is fine. A link in a post constitutes spam and will be deleted. Also neither Boards nor I accept any responsibility for the accuracy of any calculators you may find linked. We don't check them. Any tax calculators I have checked in the past have been wrong so a word of warning. Do not rely on them for anything other than vague guesses.

    The charter contains all the rules and guidelines. The charter may be updated at any time. Make sure you are up to date. This is a requirement, and ignorance is not an excuse. There are different charters for every forum on, and reading them will prevent any problems. This charter is purely preliminary and will be updated in the future. Make sure you re-read the new charter when it is published. Not reading the charter is a bannable offence. You have been warned. If you are reading this because of a ban Ignorantia juris non excusat.

    This forum is a useful tool and a resource for all users. Please respect this and each other users and do not abuse the forum, but enjoy it.

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