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Guitarist, bassists and drummers!read this if your cool

  • 02-05-2009 9:31pm
    Closed Accounts Posts: 9 ✭✭✭ crazy man

    Yo dude guys,
    im guitarist/writer play others aswell but that doesnt matter.
    anybody that loves playing music from the heart and from the mind like true artists. this is a jam u must have. im lookin 4 great musicians that wana do somethin origional, individuals at that.
    my influences are all over the board. lately its been soundgarden qotsa nick drake etc im lazy 2 write. pm me if u wana know a list!
    tunes that are dark but melodic and rightfully dark, not dark because its the genre u play, music written from how u feel man.
    if this got ur attention, pm me. we gather the troops, we go drinking. then we jam. haha
    enjoy the rest of your day ladies