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Company Secretary Course


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    I just finished the final exam last week.

    The exam's are straight forward for the most part but it will require a lot of effort. It just requires a bit of time to put together your notes on each subject and to study.

    You can sign up to Campbell's College ( and they can supply you with notes on each subject and they also provide questions which you can complete and return.

    There are some night classes being provided in Dublin in one of the big 4 but I have no idea of the costs.

    You can find out more information about the Professional Exams at the following link:

    You can also contact Zanka McHugh at the Irish Office of the ICSA and she can provide you with more information. The number is Tel: 00 353 1 2832451.

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    Has anyone done the ICSA exams pp2 without doing pp1. Ive just been exempt from doing the pp2 because of my law degree but ive no previous experience regarding the prior modules even though they have exempt me. I might might doing them difficult and was wondering if anyone has gone straight to the pp2 without doing pp1 and how they found it.