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Human Error Part 2 SPOILERS!

  • 25-04-2009 6:55pm
    Moderators, Music Moderators Posts: 25,851 Mod ✭✭✭✭ Doctor DooM

    Another moonbase 2 review from moi... loads of spoilers if you haven't seen the ep.
    Slightly suprised there's no "LAST TIME ON TRANSFORMERS!!!"

    We get a few minutes of automen vs Soundwave. Prowl proves again he has unlimited potential and processor over matters his way into the real world.

    And is promptly NAILED by Soundwave. How hard does that make him?

    We get a little scene of all the miniwaves controlling the human race. I am reminded of an old Earthforce story with Mindwipe doing the same.

    We get a few minutes of Saritising, and she is referred to again as a techno organic creature. I wonder will this be played on if Black Arachnia reappears.

    Sumdac threatens Sari. Loads of dramatic music plays.

    Uh, we all know he's no threat...

    Sari Takes on Grimlock. Jesus thats brave.

    Or maybe not, thats the second time Grimmers has been handled easily in three weeks... come on dude, your not movie Prime, kick some ass.

    The manobots all drive around in themselves and I get a little headache thinking about that. Prowl makes an especially big fool of himself, which is even funnier seeing as how powerful he has become.

    Dinobots gain a healthy respect for Sari. She builds a team out of Scrapper and Snarlag and we get this episodes obligatory G1 reference (which is nice).

    YAY Wreckgar!!! Don't care about the likelihood of him being at that exact spot, cos its frigging Wreck-Gar!!!

    New autobots meet the deceptibots (you can tell they're evil because their eyes are red, poor old Cyclops must have a hard time) and no one mentions the irony of one of the tempobots actually being a real 'con.

    We get a nice little fight scene where the evilbots kick the rejects asses. it really makes them look like their a bit more powerful and learned than when we first met them. They're coming across quite cool, actually.

    Weird Al there keeps on coming out with genuinely funny comments. Prowl "accidentally" stops the original 'bots from hurting anyone by falling into them, etc. Nice.

    I'm WAITING for Prime to get covered in oil or black paint. No? No.

    Sari figures out that Sumdac didn't build soundwave with paralell processing (should have used an intel chip) and the second stringers begin whaling on the old schoolers. We get a nice little orchestral version of the theme song.

    We get a great shot of Sari NAILING Prowl. Ouch, that had to hurt.

    Suddenly, I'm marking out like a little boy. Prime begins kicking ass, original movie style. for a moment we're back in the days when Prime is the ultimate warrior. Ah I missed those days-

    No actually, super ultimate warrior neoprowl saves the day with processor over matter. I'm feeling all browned off then something indescribably cool happens.

    There are actually no words.

    Right before my eyes is Optimus Prime, rocking out and kicking ass with a guitar.

    Is that real?

    Yes thats real... my Gods.

    Prime goes all Clash on Soundwave and kills him. He passes away with a little dial up tone

    What? Prime's a killer now? It's not even commented on... but man, I like this! The Autobots continue to become a cohesive battle force, and Sari is increasingly intruiging.

    I really liked this episode. The story barrelled along and there was only a couple of moments which made me jar. More like this. Really, really good, fluid, action.


    Please. Quit using Prowl as the new all spark key. Someone is being paid to write these episodes, use your brain for resolutions instead of using a macguffin, thank you!


  • Registered Users Posts: 14,674 ✭✭✭✭ BlitzKrieg

    havnt watched it yet, or glanced at your review.


    Is Prowl all powerful and saves the day?

    If so I will give it a miss.

  • Moderators, Music Moderators Posts: 25,851 Mod ✭✭✭✭ Doctor DooM

    BlitzKrieg wrote: »
    havnt watched it yet, or glanced at your review.


    Is Prowl all powerful and saves the day?

    If so I will give it a miss.

    He does a little all powerful trick and then gets his ass kicked for it

    And then does something else all powerful and gets upstaged almightily.

    Still annoying though.

  • Registered Users Posts: 14,674 ✭✭✭✭ BlitzKrieg

    ok just watched it. It was a nice funny episode and the *all powerful* prowl was kept to a minimum (but it did annoy me that he was able to regain control and the other autobots couldnt)

    But the substitute autobots were worth the view, the return of wrek gar and a dinobot/constructicon team up just seeme so awesomely random.

    Not the greatest episode, mainly because Soundwave was a force on his own rather then a member of the decapticons and he didnt have the angsty backstory of black widow, so he felt like a very two dimensional villian in comparison.

    Also did it ever explain how he has all these guitars that transform and how it all fits together or is he just a random mishmash?

    Soundwave worked in the original series mostly because he was the straight man of megatrons two leutenants, the one he can trust while Starscream was the one he couldnt. Having him on his own is sort of weak, he needs to link up with the main decapticons.

  • Registered Users Posts: 14,674 ✭✭✭✭ BlitzKrieg

    Endgame part 2 (season finale) sorts out my major issue with the series :D
    prowl is dead
    though I dont know if it will be a permanent change. Got the impression the series is finished though.