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Mafia Forum Game

  • 18-04-2009 3:01pm
    Closed Accounts Posts: 10 ✭✭✭ pandaman

    Forgive me if such a game exists already, but has anyone here played the Mafia forum game? It's on most other forum (hell, even a debate website forum). Takes a fair bit more logic than your standard forum game, but a quick run through on how it works:

    There are 2 sides, the Mafia and the Townies. The Mafia are normally 1/3 of the total players, whereas the Townies are normally the rest. However, the Mafia can talk to each other privately, and are informed of each other, whereas the Townies aren't. During the "Day Phase", the players deliberate on who to lynch, or kill. Then at night, the Mafia choose to kill another person.

    There are also roles, like the Cop, who can investigate players to see who they really are, or the doctor, who can protect people from dying.

    Again, if this already exists, forget it, if it's new, tell me what you think.