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Looking For A Production Crew

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    hi. this is an advert for people interested in getting involved in a unique production project called the Caves. The Caves aims to look for people who want to get involved in the production of a television series, from writers to directors, costume designers to make-up artists and everything in between. The Caves is a Drama/Fantasy televison series that is inspired by Lost, Highlander and The Lord of the Rings. If you are interested in being apart of this project, please take a look at the official website, and become a member where you can join different groups involved in all stages of production or even if you want to see what its all about, feel free to check the site out. Below is the basic idea for the series, just to show what its all about.

    Where do you go when you disappear from your life, when you lose all around you and end up alone in the dark. The answer is, The Caves, a world beneath the world we know, full of the missing from every country and every period in history.It is here where heroes are made, where good will rise against the evil and battle for what’s right.
    On the one side is the village of heart and courage, the other a village of hatred and fear. Both will do what they can to survive in the unknown of the caves. But hope of a better way arrives in the form of new hero, a new hope that all can be saved and all can return. James Martins, a young naive man is this man who finds himself lost in the Caves and taken in as a soldier of good.
    Can he be the saviour, the hope they all crave to find a way home. He doesn’t know it, they don’t know it, but together they will go on a journey through history to find out, that James Martins is a hope, a warrior of good and a hero.
    Kind Regards
    David Whelan