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Home and away

  • 09-04-2009 11:09pm
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    anybody else watch home and away??


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    im just wondering who was that man on the island last week when geoff and nicole went on that trip to the island last week is he important??

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    because home and away are celebrating theier 21st b'day this year theres meant to besome kinda secret storyline that theres clues/hints about in every episode maybe hes something to do with that?

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    home and away's to get very exciting over next while Irene is accussed of murdering Lou; APPARENTLY Nicole is to get preggers but not sure if it's Adens or Treys; and there is supossed to be clues every week in the run for year probably finishing with a cliff hanger at Christmas no doubt (that's if you watch it on you tube) this week vj finds a hand on the beach...maybe it's from that guy on the island who knows. Oh and Nicoles mad ex is to come back as well that's probably how Roman leaves the show.

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    What?!!! They are taking Roman away!!! They can't do that. :mad:

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    Moonbaby wrote: »
    What?!!! They are taking Roman away!!! They can't do that. :mad:

    i agree he is the main reason i watch home and away:D

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    Moonbaby wrote: »
    What?!!! They are taking Roman away!!! They can't do that. :mad:

    Roman was one of the best things that ever came to Summer Bay. It's so sad that he's leaving! Hopefully it's through a storyline which will allow him to return again one day!

    I really will miss him when he leaves......... :-(

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    joey54 wrote: »
    Roman was one of the best things that ever came to Summer Bay. It's so sad that he's leaving! Hopefully it's through a storyline which will allow him to return again one day!

    I really will miss him when he leaves......... :-(

    i know... he is such a hottie.... and so nice :(

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    sniff sniff....:(

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    watched it years ago then daughter got me back into it ha ha ha he he ho ho

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    Uk Sun
    STARS of squeaky-clean Aussie soap Home And Away have been caught up in a double scandal involving cocaine and a sex tape.
    Stunning Jodi Gordon, who plays Martha MacKenzie, reportedly told cops "cocaine had been consumed" after being caught up in a bizarre turn of events at the home of a suspected member of a motorbike gang.

    And in a separate incident, heart-throb Lincoln Lewis — Geoff Campbell in the soap — has admitted making a sex tape with a teenage starlet then showing off the footage to shocked castmates.

    In an extraordinary set of circumstances, Jodi, 24, was reported missing on Wednesday by her boyfriend, Ryan Stokes, an executive at TV company Channel 7, the makers of Home And Away.

    She had failed to return to their exclusive Sydney apartment after a night out with friends.

    Later that night she was found by police at the Sydney home of the suspected gang member.

    The unnamed man, 29, had called an Australian emergency number claiming he and Jodi were about to be attacked by five armed members of a rival gang.

    When police arrived they found Jodi cowering in the man's bedroom.

    She said she had seen the men trying to climb into the property on a CCTV security camera.

    But when police checked the footage there was no sign of any attackers.

    Jodi's male companion then reportedly said to police he had taken the sleeping pill Stilnox and may have been hallucinating.

    The star then went voluntarily to a local police station and "allegedly disclosed that cocaine had been consumed that day".

    The actress was released and has not been charged with any offence.

    Det Insp John Maricic of New South Wales Police Force, said: "Officers responded to reports of an incident.

    "Subsequent inquiries revealed no such incident had taken place."

    A police spokesman last night refused to confirm that Jodi had admitted taking cocaine.

    The spokesman said: "On Wednesday a 29-year-old man contacted police to say there were five armed men in the backyard of his home.

    "Police immediately attended the scene.

    "However, after conducting a search of the area and a canvass of the surrounding neighbourhood, no evidence was found to support the reported incident.

    "Officers spoke to the man and his 24-year-old female friend.

    "The woman was interviewed in relation to the alleged incident at a Sydney police station but released pending further inquiries. The man declined to be interviewed.

    "Investigations are ongoing."

    Jodi's father Ray Gordon said he knew nothing about her alleged involvement with gangs or drugs.

    He and Jodi's mother Bronwyn were on their way to Sydney's city centre on Wednesday to search for her when they received a call from police saying she had been found.

    "I can't believe that she would ever get into drugs. I know my girl, she's traveled the world since she was 13 years old," he said.

    "We've talked about this, about drugs, and I just know she's never been into them."

    Meanwhile, Jodi's fellow star Lincoln, 21, has admitted filming a sex act on a mobile phone last year.

    Last night he said he "deeply regretted" his behaviour.

    "You do stupid things when you are young," he said. "But you learn from your mistakes, that's part of growing up.

    "This mistake, and what I have learnt, will contribute a lot to making me a better person in the future."

    An insider at Channel 7 said the girl involved was a young female colleague, NOT Jodi Gordon.


    Afterwards he showed the footage to fellow castmates and crew, the source said.

    They were said to be shocked and told him to get rid of it.

    The footage is now believed to have been deleted.

    Lewis, son of Australian rugby league player Wally Lewis, is about to appear in the Aussie version of Dancing With The Stars.

    Talking about Jodi, Channel 7's programming director Tim Worner said: "Our main concern is for her safety and her health.

    "We will make sure that Jodi gets whatever support and understanding she needs at this time."

    Commenting on the sex tape he added: "As soon as Channel 7 was made aware of these allegations we urgently needed to clarify fact from fiction.

    "Lincoln is a young man of tremendous character.

    "He acknowledges and can accept a mistake and regrets the event, which happened more than a year ago."

    On Thursday Jodi attended a charity lunch in aid of Sydney's Children's Hospital but did not speak about the incident.

    In March 2007 her boyfriend of two years, Chris Burkhardt, who she called her "loved soulmate", died from acute myeloid leukemia aged just 23.

    Both she and Lewis have won Logies, the prestigious Australian TV awards. Jodi won the Most Popular New Female title in 2006.

    Lewis was named best new male talent on TV last year. Home and Away is filmed at Palm Beach, north of Sydney.

    In the UK it is now broadcast on Five.