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BGRH Charter - Please read before posting. Updated 25th June 2009

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    Welcome to Beer Guts & Receding Hair.
    The Magna Carta of Manliness; Celebrating popular male stereotypes. You will find threads here on a range of issues covering what we like to call The Male Condition. Be aware ... this is a social forum - not the Real World. sitewide rules apply here.

    Who is welcome here ?
    Primarily men with either a Beer Gut or Receding Hair. Also, women who live with or want to live with such men. Finally, anyone who is impacted by Beer Guts or Receding hair. Pretty much everyone, really :)

    Who is not welcome here ?
    If you have no sense of humour, or a fragile ego, or take yourself very seriously, you may not enjoy this forum.
    Truth is - very few people are not welcome here. (See "Who is welcome here")

    Are wimmin welcome here ?
    Of course ... so long as said wimmin or sisters post in threads of a domestic nature, such as when is the optimum time to bring beer, why Farts are A Good Thing and any discussion around belly fluff. We hold that the wimmins are a useful addition to any household and as such this forum. After all Brothers, where else are wimmins to learn how to pour a pint of Guinness or how else shall they learn that salads do not constitute a 'dinner' no matter how hot it is outside? Wimmins and sisters are welcome here as long as they have the dinner ready and the washing, ironing, hoovering, etc... out of the way

    Things that don't even exist on the BGRH forum
    Rod Stewart. Michael Bolton. Veet. Light Beers/Ciders. West Coast Cooler. Diets. Quorn chicken or any other meat "substitute".
    Bud Light or indeed any kind of "lite" product
    Any products that fail to show required respect to tasty animal fats, such as George Foreman Grills *spits*
    Mentioning of the aformentioned subjects may result in an instant and permanent ban.

    Brothers & Sisters
    To show 'nuff respec' to all ... all Brothers and Sisters shall be addressed formally as such.

    No serious threads
    There are plenty of forums sprinkled around that will cater for serious discussion on beer, food and such like. If there is one thing that can be guaranteed, it is that you won't get a serious response from the vast majority of people here, mods included. This is a silly forum. Expect silly responses.

    Legal Age
    The BGRH brothers and wimmins are all adults and at least over the age of 18. While there may be posters who frequent the forum who are under this age they can not aspire to the status of being a member of the brethren or one of the wimmins until their Ma's ( and Da's ) are no longer legally responsible for them.

    Getting barred has a no personal abuse policy and while there may be banter in the bar and the forum in general any argy bargy which results in stress and has the wimmins and brothers muttering into their pints will have the punter responsible removed from the premises and barred. This goes for splash damage from other threads/posts in more contentious forums like Feedback or HelpDesk.

    This is Yore Ma's ... not Yore Woes

    Pictures & Images:
    Everybody likes looking at pictures of hot wimmins, but the pictures must be in keeping with the spirit of the forum; funny but not rude, lewd or crude.

    We don't take ourselves too seriously here, but we do have standards.

    Offensive, or mysogynist content which upsets the regulars will be deleted. This could include 'Lads Mags' or Page 3 type images. Repeat offenders may incur infractions / a ban.

    Any image that is pornographic or offensive will earn the poster a ban. Simple as. We don't moderate heavily on this forum, but this is an area where we will be taking a zero tolerance policy.

    Rule of thumb: If you wouldn't like your Wife/Girlfriend/Sister/Mother or Daughter to see the pictures - then they are not suitable, so don't post them.

    UPDATE: Due to the number of people who simply cannot follow instructions, we have had to take the regrettable decision to not allow any more picture threads. The sheer amount of work/infractions/bans/hassle it takes to keep threads such as these going makes it simply not worth it.

    So, unfortunately, we have to ask that no more threads containing pictures of women are to be started. The current threads will stay as they are.

    Believe me, it's just as annoying for us as it is for you.

    (and yes, we can see the irony of a men's forum not allowing pictures of scantily clad women)

    Zero Tolerance Section:
    Absolutely no pedo jokes, pics or references. Absolutely no porn. Trolls, shills, spammers and flamers will not be entertained.

    If everybody adheres to these few simple rules, we can all get along nicely :)

    Forum Feedback thread here - Feel free to express yoreself. Feedback Thread

    If you have any further questions why not try the Site F.A.Q.

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