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Trek Film Line Up

  • 04-04-2009 11:28am
    Registered Users Posts: 2,725 ✭✭✭ Klingon Hamlet

    Here's my ideal Trek cast:

    Jim Kirk: Ryan Reynolds
    Charismatic, athletic and has perfect comic timing. Would bring a strong female fan base, I think Paramount were foolish not to offer it to him (or if they did and failed, foolish not to throw big cases of money at him. Beats Deadpool anyday.).

    Spock: Daniel Craig
    Has publicly confessed to being a major Trekkie, would love to be in a feature film. Pulls the deadpan off beautifully. Has the severe facial features and the droll voice, and the ears!

    Leo McCoy: Kevin CorriganI'd imagine he and Ryan would bounce off each other. he has that eveyman sensibility but he's often been typecast as a bit of a doofus, I bet he could do a good job.

    Pavel Chekov: ???

    Hikaru Sulu:
    Daniel Dae Kim
    AKA Jin from Lost. Strong, powerful, yet reserved and courteous.

    Thandie Newton
    Gorgeous, seductive, intelligent, purrfect.

    Monty Scott:
    James McAvoy
    Has a quick wit about him, funny guy but also fiercely intelligent and has an emotional honesty.

    I would also say having The Rock or Vin Diesel as a bad ass Klingon General would be cool.