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Build log and OC log : IT'S OVER 900!!!

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    Just off the phone with the nice chaps at DHL, and my order from should be delivered today. :D

    Intel E8400
    Asus P5Q-E
    8GB OCZ PC8500 Platinum
    Powercolor HD4870 1GB
    Maxtor DiamondMax 22 32MB 500GB
    LG SATA DVD Drive
    Noctua NH-U12P
    Thermalright HR-03 Plus
    2X Scythe S-Flex 1600rpm 120mm
    NesteQ EECS 700 Watt
    Antec 900
    BenQ G2400WD, 24''

    Depending on the quality of the onbard P5Q-E's onboard audio and how much space the HR-03 takes up, I may add my X-FI gamer sound card from my old rig.

    Also recieved my Logitech G11 keyboard and D-Link N 650 PCI wireless card from Dabs earlier in the week, and a Razer Copperhead mouse from Medusa.

    Unfortunatly, the mouse came in green instead of blue and they wont be getting any more blue in stock, so I ordered another from ebay and I'm selling the green one to a mate.

    So the OC plan is to get the E8400 to at least 4.0GHz and to push the 4870 as far as it can go with HR-03.

    The old Pc, Shiva, may have her guts transfered to a sound insulated MATX case with 2 TB HDD's for use as a file server / HTPC.

    AMD X2 4200+
    Abit NF-M2s
    2GB Corsair PC5300
    XFX 7900GS
    320GB Seagate HDD
    Hiper Type-R 520watt
    Point of View Turbine case
    Ben-Q 19'' monitor

    Pics and logs to follow :pac: