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Griffith College Charter - Please read before posting.

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    Starting Threads

    Topics should be relevant to the Griffith College board.

    Personal attacks will result in a ban. Repeated offenses will result in a permanent ban. This includes naming personalities from College in a disparaging manner.

    No pimping, selling or advertising will be tolerated.

    Continuing Threads

    Replies should be kept on-topic. We realise that threads may naturally "drift", but there are limits. If you want to chat take it to MSN or IRC.

    Reporting & Moderating

    If you have a problem with a post, complain to the mods. Do not respond to the post in question.

    If they agree with the complaint, moderators will edit/delete any reported post, or contact the poster via PM.

    Moderators may also edit/delete any post/thread which in their opinion breaks the rules, whether it was reported or not.

    Moderators will not keep a copy of any edited/deleted material.

    When an argument breaks out, we will not care who started it. It takes at least two people to have an argument, and both sides will be dealt with appropriately.

    Moderators will warn individuals of unacceptable beheaviour, but not on a repetitive basis. Repeated infractions will result in bans.

    The moderators will not discuss their moderating in threads. Either PM the moderators, or take it to the feedback forum.


    Every poster is entitled to their opinion - whether it is ill-informed or not.

    Never attack a poster. Attack the content of their post. (You can tell someone that their opinion is based on incomplete or incorrect information, but do not call them an idiot.)

    Keep your language civil, particularly when referring to other posters.

    While good-natured abuse will be tolerated to a certain level, it is ultimately the moderator's decision as to when abuse steps over the line. Please bear this in mind.

    Links to questionable material

    Some links to material that some people may find disturbing may arise during the course of a discussion. We (the moderators and admins) reserve the right to edit or delete these links if they are determined to be off the topic or otherwise not relevant to the conversation. We may also pull the link if it is particularly graphic or obscene. If you are going to link to potentially offensive material then be sure to include a clear warning as to the nature of the material you have linked.

    Duplicate Accounts

    Any user suspected by the moderators of using a duplicate account on the forum will have the duplicate account(s) and their original account banned permanently from the forum. The moderators may also petition the admins to ban the duplicate accounts and original account from boards permanently as well.

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