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Star Trek III - Grissom

  • 24-03-2009 10:59am
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    Was watching ST3 last night and remembering how good it was, I think it breaks the odd bad, even good rule anyway:)

    But I had a though in relation to the good ole Oberth class. Oddly cool looking as it is, how difficult is it to get from the higher primary hull to the lower secondary one? I mean surely a turbolift shaft straight down, bridging the gap would have been a bit more practicle rather than having to go out by the nacelles and down the diagonal strut to get there:confused:

    It also has no deflector dish visable anywhere on it's structure. At least on Reliant in ST2 it could be argued that the "pod" on top of the role bar contained the deflector.




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    When I first saw the ST Generation Ship I didn't like it, but it grew on me. Maybe this one will too.

    It doesn't look practical. I supose the Beaming technology is improved in this model. And people can beam to their daily activities.

    I hope the saucer section is secured properly. Wouldn't want that to come off at warp 9. It would make a great episode of "Air Crash Investigation". :D

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    I watched it at the weekend myself and was thinking the exact same thing OP!

    She's a pretty small ship, so there probably isn't that far to travel from one nacelle to the other :rolleyes:

    I doubt very much she does anywhere near Warp 9 :D

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    There ya go. (Link and scroll down)

    This one doesn't explain the turbolift, but it does look cool.


    Here's another take on the internals. It has a very obvious nav dish, which is weird since it must be covered by the hull. i don't like this one so much, there isn't as much internal space.


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    It has shops, WTF:confused::D:confused:

    Was looking at a few of the blueprints on google yesterday to, seems to me its a very badly built ship, such little internal space compared to external size.

    Apparently the saucer can seperate too, can't find where I read that though

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    From a design point of view it looks like something that shouldn't be. Its just wrong having the saucer section attached to the nacelles. Like the Reaganite 80s randomness of the shops.

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  • Closed Accounts Posts: 2,175 ✭✭✭ chamlis

    lol indeed.

    If it's a scout then it's not intended for long range cruises. Scientists would leave their families at home, unlike the Enterprise D where shops would be justified.

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    I'm inclined to side with the first pic as being a more accurate crossection than the second, apart fromthe deflector bit whcih is pretty nessicary.

    If it can follow that a deflector can be "hidden" inside the hull this also solves the problem for the non-rollbar Miranda's. Anyone guess where they hide it?

  • Closed Accounts Posts: 39 Badhbh

    That is a very hard to understand design. These engineers should not be in the Academy.

    Looks like the bottom section is the main section for the Engines, Plasma drive and the main sensors. The above section where the Bridge is slots into the nacelles but detachable from them. So the nacelles are actually permanently connected to the below section.

    It must be a small ship because the crew quarters are so small. Definitely no room for families. So I’m thinking the only reason the above saucer section would ever need to detach is if there was something catastrophic to happen, like an anti-matter explosion. Then they’d be in trouble because the saucer section has minimal power and only lateral sensors.

    Why the shops at all?? I didn’t think currency was used on Earth by that time. Everything was provided. Especially on the ship, where they have replicators and Starfleet uniforms. I know dealing with other species like the Frengi people would need something to buy with or barter with. But not on an Earth vessel.

  • Registered Users Posts: 3,149 ✭✭✭ Rawr

    My guess is that the Oberth Class is designed to be mainly a mobile sensor array (the lower section) which is driven and controlled by a mini-starship (the top section).

    Since the equipment used might be all sensitive and science-y etc, it's kept away from the crew.

    The deflector array could be either in the lower section, or it could be on that strip in the front part of the 'platform' on which the bridge rests. I get the feeling that, in a pinch, the top section may be able to detach from the bottom section, and warp off as an independent ship if need be.

    That's my guess anyway.

  • Registered Users Posts: 3,966 ✭✭✭ Johnny Storm

    Short for workshops, FFS! :rolleyes:
    ST III is one of my faves too.

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  • Closed Accounts Posts: 2,175 ✭✭✭ chamlis

    Short for workshops, FFS! :rolleyes:
    ST III is one of my faves too.

    Oh dear.
    My coat is on and I have one foot out the door :D