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How to ask for phone recommendations

  • 16-03-2009 2:03pm
    Registered Users Posts: 23,263 ✭✭✭✭ Tom Dunne

    We get a lot of threads asking for phone recommendations on this forum. And that's what it is for.

    However, some threads simply ask "What's the best phone" or "Is phone X better than phone Y".

    As Einstein might say, it's all relative.

    So, when asking for a phone recommendations, help us to help you. To get a good recommendation, we will need the following information at a minimum:

    • What features are important to you in a phone? (i.e. camera, gps, FM radio, Stereo Bluetooth)
    • Form factor - i.e. touchscreen, slider, flip phone, etc.
    • Internet - is 3G/mobile internet important, or WiFi/EDGE
    • Operator - have you an operator preference
    • Pre-pay/Bill-pay/SIM-Free - have you a preference for either
    • Price range
    • Earbuds/Speaker - Are these a deal breaker if included or not?

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