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WWII German Feldpost & Deathcard selection

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    Here are a few German WWII Feldpost & correspondence :

    FeldPost envelopes (including an NSDAP stamped one)


    wraparound envelope & card Feldpost :

    Envelope Address


    Envelope unfolded


    Envelope interior


    This has an interesting postmark (reminding Germans not to reveal confidential information on the phone):


    This is a correspondence from postwar Berlin 1946. You can see the allied censor marks on it and the de-nazified postage & stamps.


    Other side :


    There are more soldiers letters here too :



  • Eastern Front Death Cards

    These are a small selection of Eastern Front (Ostfront) Death /Prayer cards to various Wehrmacht. You can clearly read the medals they were awarded and where in Russia they died also which division served with.


    Reverse showing the religious images of some


    There is an interesting ebay buyers guide to WWI and WWII German Death Prayer Remembrance Cards here:

    Here is a snip from the guide referencing some of the (far) more expensive and desirable ones :

    Especially interesting are when multiple family members appear on one card. I have seen 5 brothers on one WW2 card. That had to be especially tragic for the poor family. I have seen a father and a baby girl (father killed on Russian Front & baby killed at home in a bombing raid) on one card. I have seen father and son on a single card. I have seen a widow and late husband on a single card (she died 1950's & he died during the war). I have seen WW2 uniformed veterans pictured on cards from the 1960's.