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My Experiances.

  • 12-03-2009 1:45am
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    Hi there everyone!

    I am a huge believer in the Paranormal and have had quite a few experiances, I will tell you about them below, Please any skeptics out there please keep your comments to yourself or the Skeptics corner, Everyone is entitled to there own beliefs.

    Ok I have always heard about ghosts and spirits all through my life but I had never seen one, I remember bieng told when I was young about my grandmother who was very ill and close to death in bed, she woke up one night to find a man sitting at the end of her bed, I cant remember the exact words that he had told her but It was something along the lines of "there inothing to be afraid of etc" then he vanished, She thought it was down to the medication that she was on at the time and ignored it, ut then the next evening she woke up at exactly the same time to find a lady sat at the end of th bed, She started telling her that her time was not up yet, she had to stop smokin or she would die within the next 5 years but if she did give up right away that she would live for another 10 years, she proceeded to say that she needed to live so that she would see her 2 grandchildren born, (at this time she did not have any), She vanished too, The next day my grandmother started to feel better and went to the doctors and was told she was recouperating, she also gave up on the fags that day, Within 5 years my sister and I were born and she lived the 10 years that was said, she was not scared at all, she was happy and told my mother that she would see us all again.

    So I grew up with that story, I put it out of my head until 2000, I used to visit my best mate at her flat alot, and one day we were doing some general cleaning around her flat, We were in the bedroom, it was a cold day and no wind, None of the doors or windows were open, we started to change the bed like usual, then all of a sudden the huge and very heavy wall hanging she had above her bed started to sway back and fourth, we looked at each other an amazment, then I saw something out the corner of my eye, I automatically looked at it, I saw the bedroom door handle move up and down as if someone was trying to open it, The next thing I knew my best freind was shouting at me asking me why I was so white. We did not know what to think at this point, I told her what I had seen, she then told me how she had been noticing strange thing happening around that flat, like things moving from one place to another, anyway nothing else happend that day. A week later I went back and we got into the conversation again abot the strange happenings, she then told me about a few days earlier her very skeptic boyfreind was home from work and she was at collage, He was tidying the flat, doing some washing up and when he went from the ktchen into the living room to get some dirty plates, when he returned all the cupboard doors were open and all the plates were stacked in order on all the sides, he as so freaked out he left the flat until my best freind got home. Later that day She explained that there was a handle on the inside of the attic door (she lived on the top floor) that she did not like so she climbed up and unscrewed it and left it on her home made tiled kitchen table, we went outside for a fag and when we got back in the handle had moved to the other side of the table with a handprint next to it, The handprint had no marks or figerprints to it, we decided to leave that flat and set up an EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomena) Exeriment, We set up a tape recorder pressed record and as we left the flat we said "mandy and ***** leaving the flat empty and said the time", A couple of hours later when we returned we opened a bottle of wine and started to listen to the tape, What we heard was very strange indeed, You can clearly hear us leaving and hear the door close and hear us going down the stairs, a few minutes later you start to hear movment, The first movment you hear is footsteps, then you hear what sounds like someone turning a page on a newpaper, then you start to hear whispering, we were looking pretty scared at this pont then we heard a voice, it said "either ooh or whoo" near the mic of the recorder the rest of the tape is alot of ovment and whispering, At somepoint you can also here what sounds to be a bell ( there are no bells around her flat) and some children playing in the backround but we are not sure about that one, We were more scared and left th flat until her bf came home.

    A few weeks leter of no activity at all we were watching tele with her bf present and the channels on her tv started to change on there own, we started to have a laugh about it, then her bf went to work, we sat on the floor and listened to the tape again, making sure what we had heard was there and not just our imagination. We decided to do a mini seance, We protected ourselves and said the lords prayer a few times and we had a cross just in case lol We sat around and held hands and lite the candle, After a few minutes we started to hear foorprnts in the kitchen heading into the living room where we was, then back out again and into the bedroom, we heard like a muffled bang, we went to investigate and noticed that all of her teddies that were on top of the wardrobe and on a chair were scattered around the room, we went back into the living room and closed the seance and I went home.

    I came back the next day to go shopping with her, when we arrived back I was helping her put some food into the chest freezer when I happend to look up and into the hallway and my eye caught the mirror and I saw the scariest thing I have ever seen in my life! I saw an extremly old man distored face looking back at me very angry, I told my best freind and she said that her bf thought he had seen a face in that mirror early one morning when he was walking from the kitchen to the living room but just thought it was due to him bieng up so early. She took the mirror down and placed a cross there instead, later that day we decided to open a seance again for the final time and ask it to leave, nothing happend until after we had closed it and we was walking past where the mirror was into the kitchen, We both felt like we had just been punched in the side and winded, The next morning I had a very large bruise down my side, She had nothing.

    I went to the local library to see if there was any history but I could not find out that much, The wholebuilding is old and used to be a old Co-op shop and warehouse. There were other things going on like more footsteps and things moving, And also this strange patch taht started to form on the cieling where the attic was, when investigated my the landlord he could not find no reason for it forming. Not long later they moved out of the flat and never went back.

    Well that started it for me, I became a believer after that. I still have that tape (unfotuanatly due to cd's etc I do not have a tape player yet) lol.

    The house I live in now is a fairly new house but we see thigs all the time, We have seen figures moving around and we have heard talking and chattering, My fiance is an open minded skeptic and did not believe me until he heard a voice while cooking and saw his first figure moving in the kitchen, We have also witnessed doors opening on there own and things moving, but nothing here feels as bad as my best freinds flat, there it felt like it was evil, here it just feels like its just here to say hello, does not feel negative at all.

    Well there is my story guys, Thats how I became a believer. Sorry its so long :p

    Feel free to add your own stories or comments. :D

    Take care all,



  • Registered Users Posts: 860 ✭✭✭rondeco

    That's some story! Wow, that tape must be rivetting.

  • Registered Users Posts: 74 ✭✭mandandpeter

    rondeco wrote: »
    That's some story! Wow, that tape must be rivetting.

    Yes it is very!

  • Registered Users Posts: 640 ✭✭✭Thornography

    I would love to hear the tape if at all possible,

    I know a great deal in audio engineering and could probably separate the waves to figure out exactly what they were. Plenty of databases there to compare to to get the closest possible fit.

    It`ll answer allot of questions, let me know if you can get it up somewhere.

  • Closed Accounts Posts: 2,290 ✭✭✭bigeasyeah

    Thanks for sharing this.I would be running out of the house:) Id like to hear more of your experiences if you get time to post:)

  • Registered Users Posts: 5,561 ✭✭✭quad_red

    Man, if I'd seen that in the mirror I'd be running screaming up the road.

    You and your friends are made of stern stuff!

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  • Registered Users Posts: 1,799 ✭✭✭gerrycollins

    i'd love to hear the tape too, what are the chances?

  • Registered Users Posts: 74 ✭✭mandandpeter

    No chance at all as its on tape and i have no way of convertng it and know how to put it on my pc.

  • Registered Users Posts: 1,799 ✭✭✭gerrycollins

    video it while playing it and post on youtube if quaility is anyway good? hey its just a suggestion