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Want a FREE TF Masterpiece Seeker action figure?

  • 10-03-2009 11:16am
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    Design a Transformer Contest.

    Ever wanted to try your hand at creating an Autobot or Decepticon? Well here is your chance. Transformers Ireland Online is looking for a mascot, and we want you ,the fan to make it.

    We are launching a contest to design an Irish inspired Transformer character, a Cybertronian with a Celtic Spark.

    We are looking for an original design,from whatever era or incarnation of Transformers you wish it to be.
    We are looking for a robot design, as well as an Alternate mode,ie, what it transforms into,and a name for the proposed character.

    The main criteria is that it must have an Irish aspect or theme to the design , Example, the name could be "Lepra-Con" and it could be a robot spy that transforms into a novelty item! Use your imagination and see what springs forth. You can take an existing TF design and alter it.

    Note: Just Painting "Guiness" on the side of Octane's tanker mode or on Optimus Primes's trailer dosen't count!

    The Rules and Guidelines:

    You come up with the design, it can be inspired by Generation 1,Movie,Animated,Beast wars, or any Transformer design, but it must have an Irish element to it,in the Robot design,or Alt mode,or name....or all 3 if you can manage it! It can be mini-con, normal scale, leader class,a base or a whole combiner team- the choice is yours.
    It can be cheesy,kitsch, realistic, or hyper detailed, how ever you want to interpret it is up to you.

    The amount of detail is entirely up to you, the fans and members are going to vote from all the submissions,so a good idea may win out over a great piece of artwork,or vice-versa.You don't have to be of the caliber of comic artist to enter, as long as we get the idea.

    The image can be pencil drawing ,inked,computer rendered,2D or 3D, it is entirely up to you. It can in black and white or fully coloured. If you have the time and expertice,you can kitbash or build it from Transformers action figures.If you have the time and an idea,come up with a bio or history for the character.

    One entry/image/drawing per person please.

    The contest is open to members and non-members of the TFIO forum.
    When you have a design finished you have from now up until April 1st to forward it on to

    [email protected]

    On that day we will post all the submissions with a number associated with them in a designated public section of the forum ,and in a blog on our MySpace page , the submissions will be annonyomous, up until the winner is announced.

    Voting is by Email only.

    You then can tell your friends to send an email to [email protected] , with the subject heading Contest, followed by the number of the drawing you wish to vote for,e.g " subject: Contest 12" will be a vote for drawing number 12. Only one vote per email address to the TFIO Email account please. But you can tell as many people as you want to vote for you if you recognise your entry by telling them the number attatched to it. A Number of Moderators have access to the account so voting will be monitored and updated as well as to make things fair and partial.

    When we receive an email nominating a certain number, we will post that vote in the thread below the drawing,so you will reguarly be able to view who is in the lead. Voting will last for 2 weeks starting from April 1st thru to the 15th April.

    The Prizes:

    The winning entry will be the submission with the most votes as chosen by the fans. The winner will then have a choice of one of the following prizes courtesy of Modelmania:

    Transformers Masterpiece Starscream in Generation 1 colours.

    Transformers Masterpiece Thundercracker.

    Transformers Masterpiece Skywarp.

    The winning design will then become the official mascot of TFIO.

    There will be spot prizes for works of merit, or just favourites among the TFIO staff.
    So there you have it...get to work, and we look forward to seeing , and showing off your efforts on April 1st


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    Just a reminder that the closing date for sending submissions for the TFIO Mascot contest is April 1st,next Wednesday.

    On that day all the received art will be posted on our forum and on Myspace, then anyone who wishes can send a vote for their chosen piece by email to [email protected] .

    Voting will go on till April 15th, then the artwork with the most votes becomes the new Mascot and the artist gets a FREE Masterpiece Seeker action figure.

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    Welcome to the contest to decide the Mascot for Transformers Ireland Online.
    The winner of the contest will be decided by voting from anyone with an email account. Each image has been given a number . To vote for your chosen image,simply send an email to [email protected] with the number of the image you wish to vote for in the Subject bar.
    Voting begins on April 1st and ends on April 15th.
    One vote per email.The image with the most votes on April 16th is the winner.
    The first name of each person who votes will be displayed under their selected image and will be updated daily.
    The overall winner receives their choice of one of the following Masterpiece Seekers, Starscream, Thundercracker , or Skywarp, courtesy of Modelmania. The winning creation will then become the mascot of TFIO.
    Good luck to all ,
    to vote for this image email "1" to [email protected]

    to vote for this image email "2" to [email protected]
    Name: Banshee
    Function: Diva
    Faction: Decepticon
    Motto: I have a voice that can break Autobots
    Weapons: Echo Chamber built into chest cavity gives her a concussive blast of sound when she screams, plus can set off multiple sonic booms in jet mode.
    Alt mode: Green Jet fighter
    Character: Banshee takes her name from the mythical Irish creature that used to lure men to their doom with its haunting song. She too likes to lure transformers to their doom by playing the victim and when they get close unleashing a devastating blast of sound, literally ripping them to shreds.
    Weakness: Along with a powerful voice comes a powerful ego, arrogant and selfish, fortunately she is talented enough for most superiors to ignore her whims and demands. Her weapon has the side effect of rattling her joints and seals loose after awhile resulting in her being extremely high maintenance (literally).

    " Jhiaxus "
    to vote for this image email "3" to [email protected]

    " Paddimus Prime"
    to vote for this image email "4" to [email protected]

    " Metrodub"
    to vote for this image email "5" to [email protected]
    "Barry O' Cade"

    to vote for this image email "6" to [email protected]

    to vote for this image email "7" to [email protected]

    "Celticon "
    to vote for this image email "8" to [email protected]

    to vote for this image email "9" to [email protected]

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    There is now just a week left to vote for the TFIO Mascot, so if you havn't already, please take a look at the candidates above and when you have made your choice, email the number next to it to [email protected] .

    It's one vote per email address, so if you have multiple accounts, you can send one from each.

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    Oh my god I would love to see Blackstuff!

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    Well, if you want to Vote for Blackstuff, then simply email the number beside him to [email protected]. Voting finishes on Wednesday, then the design with the most votes becomes the new Mascot.

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    Ok people, this is it.

    We stop accepting votes after 12am tonight, 14 April.

    So between now and then, go do what you think must be done to get them extra votes. And if you haven't already, please take alook at the candidates and vote. It will take you less that 5 minutes.

    Tomorrow Morning the winner will be announced and will be the first Irish Transformers Mascot on all things to do with TFIO.

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    I´m torn between a few of them. Hardchaw looks cool and deserves to be made into a toy. Blackstuff has a targetmaster called Toucannon, for some reason I find that hilarious. Celticon transforms into Croke Park!

    There´s far too many talented people here. Who do I vote for! someone tell me and put me out of my misery!