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FORUM CHARTER - Please read!

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    Welcome one and all to the Watches and Time piece forum.

    1. Normal rules apply. Common sense is expected of all posters. (See also FAQ and Terms of Use)
    2. Topics should be relevant to Watches and Timepieces Forum, please try to stay on topic. Off topic threads or posts will be deleted or moved to the appropriate forum.
    3. No spammy advertising or solicitation posts. These will be edited/deleted and the poster will be banned. If you wish to buy ad space, please contact [email protected] .
    4. No links to fake/replica watch sites or individual sales on auction sites. Indeed discussion of fake/replica watches will be heavily modded.
    5. No flaming or personal attacks. Remember the rule "Attack the post not the poster". Just because you have a collection of Breguet pocket watches from the master himself, doesn't mean another users early Casio collection is less important (and vice versa).
    6. No txtspeak please.
    7. Avoid custom colours and stick with the default colour and font for clarity's sake.
    8. Please do not publish personal details.
    9. Please use the reported post function to report when needed. You may also PM any of the forum mods at any time. Do not start a discussion with a mod on thread. Please PM that mod and take it from there.
    10. If you find anything on the Web that you think would be of interest feel free to post about it.
    11. No selling of watches within the forum. However if you have an ad on, please feel free to post a link to it in this thread.
    12. Enjoy the Forum. That part is non negotiable. ;)

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