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The old chainsmoking woman on eastenders

  • 22-01-2009 9:07pm
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    Excuse me here as I am not a soap buff, but this woman its amazing how she is still alive, let alone acting.:eek:

    She must be like at least 90, and smokes like a chimney.

    How does she do it..........


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    You're talking about Dot Cotton played by June Brown. She's around since day one I'd say (you might say since the year 'dot' - geddit??? :D)

    Anyway, she's a brilliant actress and a great character too.

    I'd say she's a smoker in reality too judging by the wrinkles. How is she still alive - I don't know!

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    yeh, fair play to her she is freakin good

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    She's only 38 in real life.

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    She's only 38 in real life.