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  • 10-01-2009 10:32am
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    Could anyone tell me if it is very difficult getting a 1 year working holiday visa for Australia direct from the Embassy to avoid the processing fees of Trial finders and the likes of

    I am also looking to get short tourist visas for Vietnam and China on the way. Anyone any advice whether to try get these before I go or on route. I will have 4 months in south east asia so will be able to hang around or return to cities with embassys.


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    Yes it's very easy. Most people are just too lazy to bother their arses.

    Use the search function to check the forum for other people's experiences.

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    Yea I thought so, these things arent normally too difficult if you bother your ass to try them yourself. Found the link to the Aus gov visa site and going through it now. Not leaving till april so plenty of time anyhow