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Universe wave 3 reviews

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    Well I finally got my wave 3 universe figures from my Dealer type person so i thought id share my thoughts on them.
    First up we have Ironhide. He comes packaged in his vehicle mode which is an s.u.v rather then a van. Its an orangy red colour with grey bumpers, translucent front and rear windows and that god awfull allspark blue paint for the rest of the windows. the wheels are black plastic with no paint on them. Articulation in this mode .... its a car , it rolls thats your lot :P . It doesnt look all that good in this mode in my opinion as its gappy and has the aforementioned allspark blue paint.
    Transformation to robot mode is a twisty turny afair. quite complex with one of the nicer automorphs. When the front bumper is pushed up into the body a silver panel with mech detailing slides up behind the rear window with 'hides Autobot symbol on it. It suffers from some bad engineering but I'll get to that in a moment .
    In robot mode the figure is imediately recognisable as good ol Ironhide . the classic window chest look is preserved using the back window instead of the windscreen. The only new colour in this mode is the black on the lower arms and hips. The bad engineering i spoke of earlier is most evident in his robot mode as Ironhide looks as if he has had a depressing time in the ranks of the autobots .. he has no choice but to stare wistfully into his own chest. The reason for this , he cant fold up the way he was designed to because the whells that become his backpack collide with his spine and the screw housings on the back pack.
    To correct this and make the figure presently it has to be disassembled and parts shaved out of three different locations. How this got past the engineering stage like this is beyond me. They also, in their infinate wisdom decided to paint his face with the allspark blue paint (though i understand that this was an actual mistake and will be amended as a running change). He comes with a double sided weapon that you plug onto the end of the arm. One side has a gatling gun and the other a blade cast in translucent blue plastic
    My final thoughts on the figure are as follows. Hes adequate IF you take the time to correct his flaws. otherwise hes a bit of a mess. The gun looks awkward on his arm . I guess it was supposed to envoke his swiss army wrist from the show but to be honest I would have preffered a hand held weapon. I also would have preffered a deeper red similar to what was used on Sideswipe . If you love Ironhide though hes about as good as it gets. 6/10


  • Darn, i was hoping he'd be a bit better. However I do need me an Ironhide for the Classics so not much choice really.

  • Ok then. The second of my three universe wave 3 reviews is Silverstreak.
    Silverstreak is a redeco of Universe prowl with the light bar removed. The fenders, doors and rear of the car are a really nice metalic silver. The hood,roof and rear windows are black with a smokey translucent blue for the side windows and windshield. The wheels are black plastic with red hubs. The grill on the front bumper is a nice bright silver. The rear lights are painted on rather then translucent plastic but still look good regardless

    Transformation is identical to prowls so no real need to elaborate there. We've all seen it a thousand times by now.

    Robot mode while also being identical to Prowl manages to look like a completely different figure. While I found prowls deco to be rather boring, Silver streaks is very eye catching indeed. The extra paint on the shoulders and missiles add a certain something to the procedings. New colours in this form are a grey on the lower torso and arms ,white on the robot face and red on the upper arms and legs.
    The vent details on the shoulders is where the extra paint was applied. Hasbro managed to sneak some allspark blue paint onto the figure on the waist (For the love of god somebody take that putrid colour away from Hasbro). The autobot symbol has been moved to the hollow in the center of the figures chest and made larger. Much better then prowls IMO

    My final thoughts. A nice repaint that manages to look better then the toy it was made from. While a slight head retool would have been nice the different colour does the job adequatly. What does annoy me however is the fact that they didnt take the opertunity to fix the flaw in the neck piece. the head still looks slightly bobbleheaded. One of the better repaints 8/10