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[Worklog]Kandalf the great

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    Well after much consideration and debate I've decided to take the plunge and go for a dual loop system. Currently I have a Thermaltake Kandalf with a single loop cooling the CPU on a D-Tek Fuzion block. What I hope to do with this project is add in a second loop as well as modifying the original loopc:

    1. Aquacomputer AquagraFX Waterblock for my XFX 8800GT
    2. EK NB 780i
    3. EK SB 780i
    4. EK Mosfets Part 1 & 2
    5. 2 x Laing DDC-1T with OcLabs XPres and OCLabs pump top
    6. Black Ice GTS 240 Lite
    7. EK Multi option Res 100 Rev. 2
    8. D-Tek Fuzion V2
    9. XSPC RS360

    1. Thermaltake Kandalf LCS
    2. XFX 780i
    3. Intel E6550
    4. XFX 8800GT
    5. WD Raptor 74GB
    6. Seagate Barracuda 320GB
    7. Lite-On DVD-RW
    8. Thermaltake Toughpower 700W Modular

    I have all the hardware already in the system so its basically just a big upgrade to my current system rather than a full build.

    I plan to blacken out the interior of the case, either with vinyl or paint.

    I'll update this as I go along, all of the parts should be here by the end of next week.

    Any opinions ???


  • no problem. Will delete these posts so yoru work log looks a big more "streamlined"

  • Update:
    Been busy today stripping down the case. I have it ready now for masking and sanding before the spraying. Bit of a tedious job stripping it down but I have to say the front door was the easiest to take off :rofl: It was only held on by 6 screws.
    Most of the parts have been shipped out today and I should have them by Friday *fingers crossed*.
    Anyways less talk,more pics:





  • should be a nice build, GL with it!

  • KamiKazi wrote: »
    should be a nice build, GL with it!
    Thanks !!

    Today I got a delivery from containing the following:
    Laing DDC-1T 12V Pro Pump (10w)
    OCLabs XPRes Laing DDC Reservoir Plexi Top - Transparent / UV Blue
    OCLabs XP Laing DDC Pump Top - Clear
    Black Ice® GTS-Lite 240 Black
    EK Multioption Reservoir RES 100 Rev.2
    XSPC High Quality 1/2" Tubing 20m
    1/4" Specialtech Barb for 1/2" Tubing
    Zinc Plated Worm Drive Hose Clip for 1/2" Tubing
    Feser One UV Blue / Blue Coolant 1Lt
    AC Ryan TWIN20 CCFL Light - 2 x 20cm UV
    XSPC Radiator Black : RS360
    Scythe Kama Meter Fan Controller 5.25" SCKM-1000

    The OCLabs pump tops look great especially the res one. The case is about halfway through priming, hope to have finished spraying it by Sunday. And now the pics:
    (BTW the pics aern't great quality because there all taken with a phne, unfortunately my camera keeps flattening every battery I put into it within a few minutes :(


  • looking good. Keep them comming !!

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  • Manties wrote: »
    looking good. Keep them comming !!
    Thanks mate, won't be any updates till Friday since I'm in college at the moment.

  • I managed to get hold of a Q6600 which should do wonders for the machine. Hope to have more updates Friday and over the weekend. Trying to get all my parts delivered by the end of the week.

  • Came home to three parcels sitting on my bed !!

    Some sleeving,heatshrink and SWEETIES !!!!

    And the complete EK Acetal motherboard cooling set:

    Should have more updates later.

  • Today I got the painting finished on the case and I managed to get all the waterblocks fixed on to the motherboard and I also got the D-Tek FuZion GFX mounted on the 8800GT:

    XFX 780i-

    XFX 8800GT with the D-Tek FuZion V1-

    Some of the parts I'll be using in the build:
    Two temperature sensors:

    EK Multi-Option Res 100:

    Black Ice GTS 240 Lite with rotary fittings-

    I'll be using this PCI bracket and two rotary fittings to carry the coolant out to the 240mm rad which will be on the back of the case:

    The two DDC pumps with OCLabs pump top and res top:

  • Looking good. Cant wait to see the finished product !!

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  • Manties wrote: »
    Looking good. Cant wait to see the finished product !!
    Thanks very much :D

    Ok guys have a small update,

    I spent the whole weekend working on the system and by Saturday evening the first loop (CPU) was finished. I poured in the coolant and got ready to leaktest, then disaster struck. The PCI bracket I was using to carry the pipes outside leaked like crazy so I had to drain the whole system. I removed the PCI bracket and decided to just widen the gap of the PCI slot to bring the pipes straight out to the 240 rad on the back. This carried me on into Sunday morning. Once I had that done I leak tested the loop and everything was perfect. So I cracked on and begun the second loop which was for the GPU, mosfets, NB & SB. Most of the loop was finished until I came to the radiator. The radiator was going to be mounted in the front door of the Kandalf but because the tubes were not very flexible the door wouldn't close properly. So at that stage I had to finish it up for the weekend as I had to be up at 6am the next morning. What I hope to do with the radiator is put it in the very front taking up all but 2 of my 5.25" drive bays. Not an ideal situation but its my only option for mounting it inside the case. So I will get back to work on it as soon as I get home on Friday.

    To lighten the mood, here is a rather nice update ( well for me anyways :)) :

    Crucial memory have agreed to sponsor the build :D:D

    They are sending me on a part for the build which will be a surprise for you guys ;)

    Thanks Crucial :):)

  • Lads, dont think were gonan see this build for a while. The Op went out and bought WotLK :p

    Commign next summer.....

  • Manties wrote: »
    Lads, dont think were gonan see this build for a while. The Op went out and bought WotLK :p

    Commign next summer.....
    Lol, no game would keep me away :D

    Hi guys,
    You're probably all wondering why there hasn't been any updates as of late, well I ran into a few snags.................
    1. After I had completed the CPU loop I had to go back to college and when I came home after a week the OCLabs pump top had cracked and was leaking. So I had to drain that loop and RMA it.
    2. To try and do something I completed the second loop and again I leak tested it and left it for a week until I came back from college and low and behold once again the OCLabs pump top Res had cracked in the exact same position as the other top did and was leaking. So I had to drain that loop and RMA it.
    3. I had originally planned to mount the radiator in the front door but this wouldn't work due to the fact that the tubing was to stiff and wouldn't allow the door to close. Could my luck get any worse frown.gif I was using a 5.25" hard drive caddy for holding my HD's and I decided to mount my radiator to this which meant I place the radiator running up the front of the case taking up all but 2 drive bays.
    4. I also had to put a 90 degree connector on the fillport as the tubing coming down from it was blocking the DVD drive.

    So last weekend I got an XSPC DDC pump top which I must say was far better quality and put it into the CPU loop and left that leak testing. I'm hoping that when I go home this weekend that it hasn't cracked as well frown.gif There should also be an XSPC Res Top at home to when I get back which will be used in the second loop.

    Oh and Crucial's sponsorship arrived, so thanks to everyone from Crucial for that. I'll have pics up on Friday.

  • Wtf?!?! It's liquid cooled!!- you need to put anti-frezze in that:rolleyes:. Looking good tho.

  • AV - TEC wrote: »
    Wtf?!?! It's liquid cooled!!- you need to put anti-frezze in that:rolleyes:. Looking good tho.
    Thanks mate lol :D

    My bloody 780i is giving me a lot of memory problems at the moment. I can only get it to boot up with an old stick of 512mb memory. Hopefully I'll get it sorted as I don't want to RMA it because it would take a few hours to drain all the loops remove all the blocks and prepare the board for returning.