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Is there any jobs in archeology

  • 27-10-2008 4:39pm
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    hey, i love history and i have always been interested in archeology but iv heard that there arent much jobs. Im doing my leaving this year and thinking about doing archeology in UCC. If you are an archeologist or studying it in college could tou leave a comment please............



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    reply please.............................................

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    The was a lot of work in archaeology as part of the construction boom. Your right there aint a lot of jobs out there at the moment. Both the archaeology industry and construction industry are inextricably linked. The jobs in archaeology will pick up again eventually but there certainly will not be as many jobs as they were.

    Working on site in archaeology is not a glamorous job. Its a physical job and it is taxing on your joints. It is not the best paid job either, only the company owners are wealthy. Archaeology companies have a core staff but most archaeologists are hired for each specific contract and you are let go if there is a lack of contracts. The industry is highly competitive at the moment. There are now too many companies and each company tries to under cut each other. As a result the typical on site archaeologist is transient, moving from site to site, taking the work as it comes. There is no loyality in the industry.

    If your the acedimic type and you love archaeology i recommend you aim getting work in research side of archaeology. Therefore once you complete your BA you should specialise and do a MA.

    It would be good if you could get some on site experience and chat to the archaeologists to a get a taste for the industry. Perhaps next summer. Even if it is voluntary work it will give you experience before commiting to a BA in the area.

    Keep chating on this forum asking plenty of questions to other archaeologists to get there opinions. Good luck!

  • Closed Accounts Posts: 168 ✭✭mr kilo

    thanks a million for the advise.
    to be honest i wasnt expecting a reply..

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    as Malman said, it's a very taxing job on the body, it's great when you're in your twenties but after that your body starts rejecting 8.30 starts in a cold ring ditch on a wet tuesday in november.
    if you are not idealist in your twenties then you have no heart, if you are still an idealist in your thirties then you have no head.
    i loved aspects of it, the good digs (ones that were actually interesting) were few. if i would recommend any thoughts for a future in archaeology i would say THINK BIG, consider european archaeology as a whole, research colleges in europe that can cover many periods in archaeology.
    while ireland is rich in archaeology, it does have a narrower range than most other european countries that have seen more migrations and movement of cultures.
    i do not say this to take from what's unique to the irish scene but to expand upon what we have and also what europe has to offer.
    by the way, don't let recession overly influence your decision, recessions are cyclical and while we've had a huge property funded archaeology spurt, it will become stable in the long run.
    best of luck in whatever you choose to do.

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    RE appeal for imfo

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    agree with previous posters, if you are passionate about archeology and history, go for it.

    You will have much more career success in something you truly enjoy instead of persuing something for the sake of it.

    A lot of colleges and unis combine history and archelology studies with other subjects so that will give you more options.


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    I studied archaeology and history for my BA and did a masters in Archaeology.

    I absolutely love it!

    I went a little diffferent route that most though, rather than go out into the field (mainly due to a bad back) I was lucky enough to get a coveted internship in national monuments in the DOE. This open my eyes to so much more even than I had learned in college!!

    I was lucky enough to work on a government publication and got lots of research experience. I've also spend quite a lot of time in the museums sector and love that too. Im planning now to do a more specialist masters and hopefully enter a particular field that Ive always been interested in.

    Even though things look tough now,they will get better. And if you do decide to do archaeology look beyond just fieldwork because there are some amazing areas in archaeology, if you knock on enough doors you will get oppurtunity!!!

    The most important thing to remember is you'll never be a millionaire but you absolutely love what you do!!!:D

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