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First pics from new Trek movie!!! (spoilers)


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    Look's good apart from the really fugly starship and the bridge looks to much like something apple would design

  • Registered Users Posts: 8,488 ✭✭✭ Goodshape

    bizmark wrote: »
    Look's good apart from the really fugly starship and the bridge looks to much like something apple would design

    This fugly starship? Looks like standard classic Trek to me. Awesome.

    The Enterprise bridge doesn't sit too well with me either at the moment, but I certainly didn't think 'Apple'. Looks far far too busy for Apple, and maybe even a bit too busy for Trek.

    Probably shouldn't judge too much from just a little screenshot though.

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    It looks like saved by the bell in space

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    I cant believe they are doing an original trek movie with out any of the original charachters. I cant see this going well. This is not James Bond where Bond has no defined face. After more that four movies people latch onto a specific actor 'being' the charachter.

    Harrison ford IS indiana jones(except for indiana jones chronicles which was well done)
    Daniel Radcliff IS Harry Potter.
    William Shatner IS James Kirk.

    No specific actor is Batman because it changed often enough that no-one got attached enough to any-one actor. You cant show an audience the same cast for 30-odd years, and then show them the same charachters with completely different actors, and assume people will get it. It would be like a new season of Frasier, where frasier is played by someone other than Kelsey Grammer.

    Could they seriously not come up with another story line? They tried going back in time with Enterprise, and while initially it was good, it didn't work, because you can't tell the audience that Klingon's are a strange race whom we dont trust, because, we already know about them, and for the hardcore trek fans, we understand the klingons, and for the Uber-hardcore that speak klingon, introducing them as enemies again is just daft. So they invent the zindi, a race we have never heard of, and they have some adventures with them, and we never hear of them again, but who cared?

    Is another next-gen movie completely out of the question? What about DS9? I wont mention that abomination which is Voyager. But surely, there is something they can spend a couple of million on, other than the original series, and the original crew, but without the original actors.