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Don Fry story



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    Don Frye is awesome. It's about that simple. Then again, i always seem to like people who can shoe a horse.

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    Fryes fight with Tak (and many since - hockey brawl has become his trademark) was absolutely awesome. I remember sdhowin it to my bro and he was an instant frye fan!

  • Registered Users Posts: 237 ✭✭stevemc01

    I read an interview with Frye a few months back and its was a bit sad really.

    For all his fame in Japan and the 100,000 plus japanese people that have him as their ringtone, he says he doesnt get a penny out of it. At the end of the interview when asked would he like to thank his sponsors, he said he didnt have any, said with his attitude and straight talking the sponsors generally thought he was a bit too much of a loose cannon.

    Pity though cos Frye is a legend.

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    His "Ask Don" segments on the IFL website were brilliant

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    Frye was a pro boxer with great hands for mma and a great wrestler, dangerous combination, i loved watching him, well ahead of his time-1 of the old fighters that would still be a force in todays era..and 1 of my favourite fighters..

    Rush Boxing club and Rush Martial Arts head coach.

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    The pro wrestling section in that link is stretching the truth a little :pac:

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    ryoishin wrote: »

    That's the best one :) Just wiping down his gun at the start

    I just remembered that he also wrote for the IFL site and it was just as good as the videos. I'll go have a look for something he did
    Dear Don,

    My girlfriend has been hounding me to clean the bathroom, but every time I do she complains that I don’t do a good enough job. Apparently, it takes two hours and four different types of cleaners to do the job to her satisfaction, which I think is pretty ridiculous. How can I get out of doing this without sleeping on the couch for the next two weeks? What would you do?

    Whoa there, partner. Let’s back up to the part where you let your girlfriend make you clean the bathroom. How’d that happen? You want to know what I’d do, I’ll tell you. I’ve got a wife and two daughters, and I’m raising my girls proper. They’ll have no problem finding and keeping a man when they grow up.

    It sounds like your girlfriend is on an entirely different program, which is her parents’ fault, but you’re going along with it, which is your fault. If you don’t want to spend two hours cleaning the bathroom, then don’t. It’s completely crazy of her to think you should, and that’s what you should tell her. So what if you have to sleep on the couch for a while? She’ll get over it.

    A woman has got to learn sooner or later that she can’t boss you around. If you let her lead you around on a leash now, she’ll be jerking that chain the rest of your life. You ever see a man who gave up and handed over control of his life to his woman? It’s a sad sight, brother. Looks like a dog that’s been beat all his life. Any sudden movement and he cowers. That’s not any kind of life for a man.

    Trust me, stand up for yourself now or hand over your spine. It might seem like a small thing, but that’s how it starts. One day you’re cleaning the bathroom for two hours, and the next day you’re asking permission to drink a beer. Take a stand, partner. While you still can.

    A fine man