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can everyone just help i need those info for my project plz

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    Closed Accounts Posts: 2 fung.alex

    what do u think of the water quality in ireland over the pass 7yrs?
    1. is improving
    2. is disproving
    3. no change


  • In Galway ............. getting worse due to biological (Crypto), Chemical (Lead) and general muppetness (Galway Co.Co.)

  • Its getting worse, I've lived in many parts of the country and I have stopped drinking tap water unless is from a private well (and is clean and tasteless)
    There seems to be a phil in Ireland that if the water doesn't make you ill from the glass its ok. Also my folks have had the same well for years (50+, and i think the grandparents used it?) and over the last 10 years have had to get it rebored, filtered and now even have a UV filter cos its quality is now so low!!!!

    Supervalue 29c for 2 ltrs of still water, its you only man!

  • This isn't a homework resource.


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