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[build/OC log] (\/)0n0L17(-) III

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    It's been a few months since I've had a main PC. What happened to my last PC was a series of unfortunate events. I had planned on getting a the TJ07 off Anti, moving my PC into it and then watercooling it.

    When moving the PC over I decided to upgrade the chipset cooler for the interim. This turned out to be a big mistake as I chipped the edge off the NB in the process thus killing the motherboard. At the same time my HT sound system (Logitech Z-5500) decided to break. So any money I was going to plough into watercooling would need to go on a replacement sound system and a new motherboard.

    Well I got a new sound system, and have finally bought a new motherboard. I bought 2 other items at the same time:

    I got:

    Mobo: ASUS Rampage Formula skt775
    HDD: OCZ 128GB SSD (core v1)
    GFX: 4870x2 2GB

    The specs of this rig are in my sig, but if that changes here they are anyway:

    24" DELL E248WFP
    E8500 @ 4Ghz w/ Tuniq Tower lapped
    4GB Mushkin XP2-8000 @ 1Ghz
    ASUS Rampage Formula
    AMD 4870x2 @ 760/1800
    128GB OCZ SSD V1
    1TB Hitachi 32MB cache
    500GB Spinpoint
    Coolermaster 1kW PSU
    SATA DVD-ROM 18x

    New gear


    Close up of the OCZ HDD


    Size comparison beside my 1TB Hitachi PATA


    Both of the drives installed in the 5.25" to 3.5" bay converter


    The case with everything installed


    Side view of the Tuniq and the TR RAMsinks


    Top view of mobo and components



    Rear view of case


    Side view with side panel window on


    Desk setup



  • IMGP5783.JPG

    For overclocking, here are the settings I currently have in place:



    With my 4870x2 overclocked to 760/1800 I'm getting this score in 3Dmark Vantage:

    Vantage: P12268 3DMarks

  • Nice build m8, lookin good. 4Ghz is a nice oc, lovely with that little voltage.

    BTW Push your PCI-E frequency to 101-2 to squeeze another few points in 3DMark without affecting temps.

  • nice build , how are you finding the dram-feq selecotor on the asus ? for my board it wouldent work only if it was 1:1

  • I miss that case :( Nice build though !!

    Also move it a few cm awy from the wall, it will drop the temps a few degrees.

  • I've pushed the CPU voltage up to 1.375v now as I was getting crashes in Crysis for some reason. It seems to of stabilized out now.

    I'm really impressed with this 4870x2 though, although I'd probably need a second one to run Crysis at 1900x1200 on very high :( currently running it at everything very high with 2xAA at 1400x900 with a constant 50+ fps.

    Played through Gears of War in co-op again over the LAN with a friend and it was smooth with every graphical setting maxed at 1900x1200.

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