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DIT Paintball - Committiee Members Needed

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    Paintball is back in DIT this year, how ever at the moment not all the campus's are represented. Currently Bolton St. and Kevin St. have active societies.

    Aungier St., Cathal Buragh St., Mount Joy Sq., etc. all need paintball reps.

    The ideal situation would be for each campus to have 3 people get together and form a separate society and get the budgetary benefits from having separate societies.

    But probably the realistic option is that JUST ONE person from each campus get in touch with myself on the north side or Basil from Kevin St. on the south side. Having a rep from each college will ensure that every one gets an opportunity to sign up and go on trips. This was a problem a year ago, people signed up in Bolton St. from other north side campus and didn’t hear about the trips in their own college. They missed the trips and felt that their membership fee was for nothing.

    If the latter option works out, then the Rep from each campus will be signing people up to either the Bolton St. Society or the Kevin St. Society and thus running trips in your campus on their behalf. It means that the budgets are stretched a bit, but at least every one has a chance to go on a trip.

    If you are interested in being the rep or setting up a committee, PM my self here or check out

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