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Need a set of CAD drawings.

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    Can anybody help me. I am trying to start my 3rd year Building Services Engineering project but getting nowhere. I have been given the worst set of CAD drawings I have ever seen, each floor has over 100 layers, none of which are marked in any logical order or have a proper naming system. I have masonry walls on the same layer as dimensions and supermarket shelves on the same layer as the front wall of the 1st floor of the building. It is turning into a complete nightmare, I have spent a week trying to delete things so I can input the drawing into Hevacomp and I am still at square one.
    Would anybody out there have a set of CAD drawings for a premises of about 4500m2, preferably a shopping centre type building as I have already done some research into heating systems etc but at this stage any type of building would do.
    My lecturers have said it is ok if we source our own drawings so it is all above board.


  • Not sure if you'll get much look with this. Drawings like this can be very sensitive from a business and completive point of view.

    If you know some one in an engineering company ask them directly

  • If it's any help, you should try purging the drawing to see if any of the layers disappear.
    Also, see if the floor plans are installed as external references, and if they are detach them and purge aswell. This will further reduce the amount of layers on the drawing. Just make sure you take a note of the x-ref path listed so you can re-attach them when you're done cleaning up. In addition, check the layer filters box and delete any that are unnecessary. Depending on the version of Autocad you have, you may have to do this manually. Once you have it down to a manageable number of layers, it's a matter of manually putting each object on the layer you want it on - tedious but worth it.

    To be honest, you'll probably have similar problems with any set of drawings you get. I do some as installed drawings for a contractor, and I get this all the time. Realistically, given the time you've spent on it already, you'd be as well off sticking with this set and seeing it through. A new set will mean you'll have to start from scratch.

  • Have you tried posting this over on Arch tech forum here on boards

    With luck you'll find somebody with a dead project, there a far few doing the rounds.

    What details do you need, would just a set of plans do our would you need elevations.......I'll have a look on the server, but can't think of any off the top of my head.

  • Thanks for the help, I managed to get another set of drawings with some nice clean layers so I have switched my project to that, my stress levels have reduced drastically already.

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    might help ye out in the future.

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