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Do you have a 'wrestling' collection?

  • 30-08-2008 8:51am
    Posts: 14,344 ✭✭✭✭ Samara Echoing Nectarine

    I was just looking at some of my stuff, and mooching through the DVD thread a little while ago, and i just thought i'd post this, though it's probably been asked (many times) before.

    Does anyone here have any kind of a wrestling collection? Big or small? anything at all?

    From figures to CD's, belts, masks, pendants and DVD's, im sure you guys must have gotten a few things in your life that belong to the world of rassling?

    If so, care to show it off?

    (I know i started the thread, i was planning on taking photos of my stuff to start us off, but i don't have my camera so i cant).


  • Closed Accounts Posts: 9,925 ✭✭✭Otis Driftwood

    Used to have a ****load of DVDs but have gotten rid of alot for 1 reason or another.At the moment its mostly best ofs/compilations like the the best of ECW,Mick Foleys DVD,Takers set-not the mania 1-Austins,HBK etc.Have the 1st 4 CZW tournaments of death,some IWA MS deathmatch tournies and a few Big Japan deathmatch DVDs too.Also have the Wrestlemania Anthology 1-21 boxset.Plus some ECW original VHS including the "Born to be Wired" show with the Sabu/Funker barbed wire match,my favourite match of all time so have a real soft spot for it.Never got into the replica belts/figures buzz though.

  • Closed Accounts Posts: 21,235 ✭✭✭✭flahavaj

    Just DVD's. i'd feel alittle strange buying any other merch to be pefectly honest.

    DVD collection now is well over the 1000 disc mark, this doesn't include 3 shelves of WWE/ROH official releases and a stack of VHS that will have to be converted to DVD at some stage!

    Numbers in brackets are the no of discs per title

    Best of Eddie Guerrero (2)
    Best of Terry Funk
    Best of Curt Hennig
    Best of Ric Flair in Japan
    Best of the British Bulldogs
    Best of Hiroshi Hase
    Best of Mistico (3)
    Best of Japanese Matches 89-91
    Best of Misawa Vs Kawada
    Best of Dean Malenko
    Bet of Dynamite Kid (3)
    Best of Hayabusa
    Best of Benoit in Japan (2)
    Best of cactus Jack in Japan
    Best of Paul London in Zero-1
    Best of Los Gringos Locos (3)
    Best of AAA 2003

    RAW: Eddie Guerrero Tribute
    SMACKDOWN: Eddie Guerrero Tribute

    WWE Collections:
    Superstar Billy Graham: 20 years Too Young
    Brian Pillman:Loose Cannon
    Spectacular History of the AWA
    Greatest Wrestling Managers
    Vince McMahon (2)
    History of WWE Title (3)
    Piper collection (3)
    Dusty Rhodes Disc Set (3)
    Flair vs michaels MSG Show Handheld (2)
    Hogan Anthology (3)


    WWF: Superstars 90,92,93
    WCW: Nitro 95,96,97,98,01
    WWF: Raw 95,97,98,00,01
    WCW: Thunder 99.01
    WWF: Smackdown 99
    ECW: TV 95,96,97

    ECWA Super 8 2002
    ECWA Super 8 2003
    ECWA Super 8 2004
    ECWA Super 8 2005

    Greatest Matches of All Japan 1990's (10)
    Super-J Cup 94
    Super J Cup 95
    NJPW Super Junior Tag League 1994
    Kenta Kobashi's GHC Title Defences (4)
    NOAH Destiny 11/7/05 (3)
    NOAH 1/22/06 (2)
    NOAH 03/05/06 (2)
    NOAH 1/8/06 (2)
    NOAH Differ Cup 05
    Best of Dragon Gate 04 (2)
    Dragon Gate 1/14/05
    Dragon Gate 12/26/05 (2)
    DG PPV 23.02.2005
    DG PPV 13.03.2005 (2 DVD)
    DG PPV 08.04.2005
    DG PPV 11.05.2005 (2 DVD)
    DG PPV 22.06.2005
    DG PPV 27.12.2005
    AJW Dreamslam (2)


    Home Video “Be Crazy”
    Home Video “Crazy Max VS M2K”
    Home Video “Cimania”
    Home Video “El Numero Uno 2001” (2 DVD)
    Home Video “T2P Comes To Japan”
    Home Video “How To Make T2P”
    Vamonos Amigos #11 (Aired 15.01.2001)
    Vamonos Amigos #12 (Aired 11.02.2001)
    Vamonos Amigos #13 (Aired 10.03.2001)
    Vamonos Amigos #14 (Aired 14.04.2001)
    Vamonos Amigos #15 (Aired 20.05.2001)
    Vamonos Amigos #16 (Aired 20.06.2001)
    Vamonos Amigos #17 (Aired 14.07.2001)
    Vamonos Amigos #18 (Aired 28.07.2001)
    Vamonos Amigos #19 (Aired 25.08.2001)
    Vamonos Amigos #20 (Aired 26.09.2001)
    Vamonos Amigos #21 (Aired 11.10.2001)
    Vamonos Amigos #22 (Aired 17.11.2001)
    Vamonos Amigos #23 "T2P Special" (Aired 23.11.2001)

    Best of Jushin Liger (commercial release)

    BJW Ante Up 2001 (BJW biggest show in history)

    Bob Barnetts Rarities 1
    Bob Barnetts Rarities 3

    CZW Cage of Death 5
    CZW cage of Death 6 (3)

    All Star Extravaganza 3
    Supercard of Honour 2
    This Means War
    Fighting Spirit
    Battle of St Paul
    Good Times Great Memories
    Respect is Earned PPV (2)
    Live in Tokyo
    Live in Osaka
    United We Stand
    ROH: Driven PPV (2)
    Death Before Dishonor V Night 1
    Death Before Dishonor V Night 2
    Caged Rage
    Punk:The Final Chapter

    PWG Battle of LA 2005(2)
    PWG Battle of LA 2006(3)

    Chikara 8.13.05 (2)
    Chikara Sample Disc
    Chikara Tag Wrld Grand prix 2005 (6)
    Chikara Tag Wrld Grand prix 2006 (7)
    Chikara Torneo Cibernetica 2005 (2)
    Chikara retribution Rumble of Revenge and Rebellion to Remember

    The Blueblood,The Bruiser and Benoit:(All TV Matches involving Finlay/Regal/Benoit AWESOME (7)
    Best of Rey Mysterio (10) AWESOME
    Best of Mysterio (2) (11) EVEN BETTER
    BEst Matches in RAW History (15) AWESOME
    Joshi for Dummies (Best matches in Joshi History) (5)NUMEROUS MUST SEE MATCHES
    Goodhelmets Best of 2005 (7)MUST SEE MATCHES FROM ALL PROMOTIONS
    Goodhelmets Best of 2006 (6)MUST SEE MATCHES FROM ALL PROMOTIONS
    Essential El Hijo del Santo (2 Discs)
    Five Star Lucha Vol. 1 (1 Disc)
    Best of the Steiner Brothers (5 Discs)
    Complete Wrestling Observer Match of the Year Collection(All of meltzer's MOTY's) (8 DISCS)
    History of Kawada vs. Kobashi (4 Discs)
    Wrestling Observer MMA Fight of the Year Collection (3 Disc Set)
    History of Super Crazy vs. Tajiri (3 Disc Set)
    Wrestling Observer Match of the Year RUNNER-UP COLLECTION (8 DISC SET)
    Misawa Vs Kawada:The Essential Collection (14 Discs)

    TNA PPV's:
    All from 2006
    Genesis 05
    Turning point 05
    Bound For Glory 05
    hard Justice 05
    Destination X 05
    hard justice 07
    Victory road 07
    Slammiversery 07
    Sacrifice 07
    Destination X 07

    WWE PPV:
    All From 06
    New Years Revolution 07
    Armageddon 07
    Rumble 07
    mania 07
    No Way out 07
    Backlash 07
    Judgement day 07
    One Night Stand 07
    Vengeance 07
    Raw with Cena/Michaels 1 hour match
    Summrslam 07
    Great American Bash 07
    Unforgiven 07
    No Mercy 07
    Cyber Sunday 07
    Survivor Series 07
    No Way Out 04
    Survivor Series 05
    Great American bash 05
    Summerslam 05
    One Night Stand 05
    Summerslam 92
    Survivor Series 92

    WWF TV Shows:
    WWF Superstars 1992 (all TV episodes from 1992) (23)

    WCW: Clash of the Champions 1-35 (All the Clash of the Champions, bar 30) (34)

    Starrcade '83 (2)

    UPDATED 6.03.08
    Bad Blood: Briscoes Vs. Mad Man Pondo & Necro Butcher
    Best Of Chikara
    Best Of RVD & Sabu
    Guest Booker With Gabe Saplosky
    Best Of Jack Evans In Japan
    Best of Necro Butcher In BJPW
    Best Of Sabu in Japan
    Best Of Terry Funk In AJPW
    FMW The Enforcer: The Best Of Masato Tanaka

    Best of Alex Shelley
    Best of Chris Jericho
    Best of Giant Bernard V1
    Best of Giant Bernard V2
    Best Of James Gibson (2 disc)
    Best Of Low Ki V1
    Best Of Matt Sydal
    AJW Classics 69 & 70 (Dreamslam Part 1)
    AJW Classics 71 & 72 (Dreamslam Part 2)
    AJW Classics 73 & 74 (Dreamslam Part 3)
    AJW Dreamrush (2 Disc)
    Wrestling Society X- Season 1 (4 Discs)
    Flair vs. Funk: The Feud of 89 (2 disc) b48
    Shattered Dreamz Mike Quackenbush: The Road to Winning the TPI is a Sweet Science (3 Discs)
    WWE The Best Of Raw: 15th Anniversary (3 Disc)
    ROH Glory By Honor VI Night 1
    ROH Glory By Honor VI Night 2
    AJW History of Manami Toyota

    Best of Rob Van Dam vs Jerry Lynn (4)
    Taz vs Bam Bam Bigelow (3)
    STIFF: Wrestling’s Stiffest Matches (4)
    Undertaker vs Mankind (6)
    STAN HANSEN Vol. 1: The Birth of a Legend (VG Q) 2HRS 45MIN
    STAN HANSEN Vol. 2: Brusier Brody and the AWA Title Heist (VG Q) 2HRS 45MIN
    STAN HANSEN Vol. 3: Genichiro Tenryu: Friend & Foe on the Road to Triple Crown (VG Q) 2HRS 45MIN
    STAN HANSEN Vol. 4: Monster Gaijins Collide for Gold & Glory (VG Q) 2HRS 22MIN
    STAN HANSEN Vol. 5: Hansen does Battle with the Over Generation Army (VG Q) 2HRS 40MIN
    STAN HANSEN Vol. 6: Hansen's Biggest (and best) Singles Matches against All Japan's Finest
    STAN HANSEN Vol. 7: Coming down the Home Stretch (VG - GOOD Q) 2HRS 45MIN
    AAA When Worlds Collide
    Decades of Excellence 1994 - Volume 1
    Decades of Excellence 1994 - Volume 2
    Decades of Excellence 1994 - Volume 3
    Decades of Excellence 1994 - Volume 4
    Decades of Excellence 1994 - Volume 5
    Decades of Excellence 1994 - Volume 6
    Decades of Excellence 1994 - Volume 7
    Decades of Excellence 1995 - Volume 1
    Decades of Excellence 1995 - Volume 2
    Decades of Excellence 1995 - Volume 3
    Decades of Excellence 1995 - Volume 4
    Decades of Excellence 1995 - Volume 5
    Decades of Excellence 1995 - Volume 6
    Decades of Excellence 1995 - Volume 8
    Decades of Excellence 1995 - Volume 9

    Ric Flair career set (24 discs, including Dusty feud Disc)
    Best of Ric Flair interviews(2 discs)
    Ric flair in WWF career (5 discs)

    History Of Eddie Guerrero (61 Disks covering the career of the late Eddie Guerrero from ECW, WCW and the ENTIRETYof his run in the WWE, including every nT match he had in WWE TV)

    Best of Motor City machine Guns (12 discs)
    Best of Chuck Taylor (3 discs)

    Chi-Town Rumble 1989 (PPV, 2 discs)
    ECWA Super 8 2007
    Goodhelmet’s Hart Foundation 1997 Comp (12 discs)
    New Japan Wrestling World 1996, Tokyo Dome - 1/4/96 (2 discs)
    WCW Bash at the Beach 96 (PPV)
    WCW Fall Brawl 2000 (2 discs)
    WCW Great American Bash 1992 (PPV - 2 discs)
    WCW New Blood Rising 2000 (2 discs)
    WCW Sin 2001 (2 discs)
    WCW Souled Out 98 (2 discs)
    WCW Starrcade 1996 2 discs
    Zero-One '01 World in Nagoya' (08-10-03)
    Zero-One Max 10/19/2007 (Taped 09/30/2007)
    Zero-One Max 11/09/2007 (Taped 10/26/2007)
    Zero-One Max 11/19/2007 (Taped 11/13/2007)
    Zero-One Max 2/21/07
    Zero-One Max 2/5/07
    Zero-One Max 4/15/07
    Zero-One Max 7/21/07
    Zero-One Max 8/06/07
    WWF In Your House #11: Buried Alive 10/20/96 (24/7)
    WWF King of the Ring 94
    WWF King of the Ring 97 (2 discs)
    WWF MSG 11/30/91 (24/7)
    WWF One Night Only (2 discs)
    WWF Providence, RI 9/7/91 (King of the Ring, handheld)
    WWF Summerslam '98 (2 discs)
    WWF Survivor Series 97 (24/7, 2 discs)
    WWF Wrestlemania 14 (2 discs)

    SecondComing's:Legacy of Blood, Blodiest matches in History (5discs)

    Motor City Madness
    Manhatten Mayhem 2
    Man Up
    Honor Nation
    Chaos at the Cow palace
    Race to the Top Night 1
    Race to the Top Night 2
    United We Stand
    IWA:MS:TPI 07 (2 discs)
    IWA:MS TPI 06 (2 discs)
    IWA Ms TPI 05 (2 discs)
    IWA:MS When Hero Met Punk

    Negative Balance
    2007 King of Trios All 3 nights
    Best Imitation of Myself
    Time Will Prove Everything
    Showdown in Crisisland
    Maximum Overdraft
    Invader weekend Night 1
    Invader Weekend Night 2
    Cibernetico & Robin
    New Star Navigation

    Best of UWFi (6 discs)

    Keith_h's Best matches in Smackdown History (13 discs)

    Keith_h's Rob Van Dam: The Complete TV Title Reign (7 Disc Set)

    Goodhelmets' DVDVR Mid South/UWF era 80's best matches Set (11 discs)

    WWE: Rey Mysterio: The Biggest Little Man DVD (3 Discs)

    WWE: Ric Flair & The Four Horsemen DVD (2 Discs)

    WWE: The Triumph and Tragedy of World Class Championship Wrestling DVD (2 Discs)

    WWE: The Ladder Match DVD (3 Discs)

    WWE: Shawn Michaels: Heartbreak and Triumph DVD (3 Discs)

    WWE: The Stone Cold Legacy

    Justin T's 50 Matches Real Wrestling Fans Must See (14 discs)

    FanCam Femenil (Women's Wrestling From Mexico)
    FanCam Femenil Vol. 2
    CMLL Guerreros Del Ring #30
    CMLL Guerreros Del Ring #31
    CMLL Guerreros Del Ring #32
    Arena Coliseo de Monterrey 10/3/04
    Arena Coliseo de Monterrey 12/12/04
    WAR Junior Title Tournament 25 March 1995

    New Japan WPW Classics #178 1/13/07
    New Japan WPW Classics #179 1/20/07
    New Japan WPW Classics #180 2/10/07
    New Japan WPW Classics #181 2/15/07
    New Japan WPW Classics #182 3/2/07
    New Japan WPW Classics #183 3/9/07
    New Japan WPW Classics #184 3/11/07
    New Japan WPW Classics #185 3/13/07
    New Japan PPV "The Second Judgement" 12/14/00 Osaka - 2-Disc Set
    Jushin "Thunder" Lyger Special

    Best of WWA 1990 Vol 1
    Best of WWA 1990 Vol 2
    Best of WWA 1990 Vol 3
    Best of WWA 1990 Vol 4
    Best of WWA 1990 Vol 5
    Johnny Legend's Rock 'n' Roll Wrestling August 4, 2007
    WWC Superstars of Wrestling
    WWC Superstars of Wrestling 3

    Calgary Stampede Wrestling

    Shinya Hashimoto Memorial
    WW Wrestling Vol 1
    AAA Toluca 16 August 2007
    CMLL PPV 74th Anniversary (2 discs)

    Big Japan Harder Than Hardcore 4 26 April 2003
    Michinoku Pro vs Osaka Pro 18
    Akarenga Puroresu Festival 20 May 2006
    BattlArts 5/2/01

    ICW Masters of Mayhem
    Madmen, Maniacs & Lunatics

    Indy Summit 12/31/06 - 2-Disc Set!
    Calgary Stampede - Stu Hart 50th Anniversary Show
    Misawa vs. Kawada: History of the Feud
    The Road Warriors: The Early Years

    TIGER MASK Final Collection Vol. 1
    TIGER MASK Final Collection Vol. 5
    Best of Hamada's UWF Vol. 2
    Classic Lucha From The '80s Vol. 5
    Classic Lucha 1989 Part 3

    Best of Mistico Vol. 4

    CMLL 1/6/07 (1/1 & 1/5/07)
    CMLL 1/1 & 1/14/07
    CMLL 1/28 & 2/4/07
    CMLL 2/10/07 (2/4 & 2/9/07)

    Decades of Excellence: Greatest Tag Matches of the 80s 4 disc set

    Decades of Excellence: 1990 Matches of the Year 4 disc set

    Decades of Excellence: 1991 Matches of the Year 4 disc set

    Decades of Excellence: 1992 Matches of the Year 6 disc set

    Decades of Excellence: 1993 Matches of the Year 8 disc set


    WARGAMES COMP 6 discs, all WARGAMES matches

    2G's "Dean Malenko vs. Eddy Guerrero: The Complete Feud" 4 set

    Bix's "The Ric Flair vs. Ricky Steamboat Collection" 9 disc set

    Hayabusa: "The Phoenix Never Dies" Set 3 Disc set

    November 22, 1984 - Starrcade "The Million Dollar Challange" 2 disc set

    Starrcade 85

    Starrcade 86

    Starrcade 87

    Starcade 89

    Starrcade 90

    Best of Dragon gate 2007 (3)

    Best of Toryumon 99 (4)

    WWE:HHH King of Kings (3)

    WWE:Greatest Stars of Wrestlemania (2)

    **RING OF HONOUR 2008**
    ROH:Proving Ground- Boston, MA 1/11/08
    ROH:Transform- Edison, NJ 1/12/08
    ROH:Breakout- Dayton, OH 1/25/08
    ROH:Without Remorse- Chicago Ridge, IL 1/26/08
    ROH:Eye Of The Storm- Deer Park, NY 2/22/08
    ROH:6th Anniversary Show- New York, NY 2/23/08
    ROH: Take No Prisoners
    ROH:Dragon gate Challenge 2
    ROH:Supercard of Honour 3
    ROH:Bedlam in Beantown
    ROH:Tag wars 08
    ROH:Return Engagement
    ROH:Southern navigation
    ROH:A New level

    WWE:Twist of fate The Hardyz Story(2)
    WWE: The Rock(3)
    WWE: the Definitive Ric Flair Collection(3)
    Goodhelmet's Tribute to Eddie Guerrero (Career Comp Best Of) (36 discs)
    GBBrutals Owen hart Comp part 1-10 (1986-Mid93) (10 discs)
    Keith-h's Deathvalleydriver Top Lucha Matches of the 90's(6 discs)
    TangledWebz Best of the Motor City Machine Guns (12)
    Keith-h's History of the ECW TV Title (6)
    Goodhelmet's Best of 2007 Comp (7)
    Bix's Texas Outlaws Set (Dusty and Murdoch) (2)

    AAA 4/30/2008 Aguascalientes
    AAA 4/27/2008 Zapopan
    AAA 4/16/2008 Celaya
    AAA 4/5/2008 Torreon
    AAA 3/16/2008 (2 Discs)
    AAA 11/30/2007 (2 Discs)
    Wrestling Peace Fest 1996 (2 Discs)
    UWA: El Canek
    UWA: Villano III
    CMLL 5/17/08 (5/16/08)
    CMLL 5/4/08 & CMLL Record 3 X El Dinero 5/14/08
    CMLL CadenaTres 5/3/08 (4/30/08)
    CMLL 4/6/08 & 4/27/08
    CMLL 3/22/08 (3/9, 3/14 & 3/16/08)
    CMLL 10/8/05 (10/7/05)
    CMLL 10/15/05 (10/11 & 10/14/05)
    CMLL 10/22/05 (10/18 & 10/21/05)
    CMLL 11/5/05 (11/1 & 11/4/05)
    CMLL 11/12/05 (11/11/05)
    CMLL 11/19/05 (11/18/05)
    CMLL 11/26/05 (11/25/05)
    CMLL 12/3/05 (12/2/05)
    CMLL 12/10/05 (12/9/05)
    CMLL 11/24/07 (11/23/07)
    CMLL 1/26/08 (1/25/08)
    CMLL Guadalajara 1/27/08 & 2/3/08
    CMLL 2/16/08 (2/15/08)
    CMLL PPV 3/21/08 "Homenaje A Dos Leyendas"
    CMLL CadenaTres 4/26/08 (4/22/08)
    CMLL CadenaTres 4/19/08 (4/15/08)

    Classic Lucha 1995 Vol. 3

    History of NJPW vs. UWF V.1-3
    History of NJPW vs. UWF II V.1-3

    World Japan "WJ Strongest Tournament" 7/20/03 - 2-Disc Set!
    World Japan 7/6/03
    world Japan 6/2/03 (5/5/03)
    World Japan 6/2/03 (5/3/03)
    World Japan "Power Hall in Tokyo" 5/03/03
    World Japan 4/13/03
    World Japan Pro Wrestling "Magma01" 3/1/03 (Debut Show) - 2-Disc Set!

    Super J-Cup 2000 - 4-Disc Set!

    Kensuke Office 2/17/08 (2/11/08)

    Toryumon (Ultimo Dragon's Gym) TV 2/15/99
    Toryumon (Ultimo Dragon's Gym) TV 2/18/99

    RXLL 9/2/06
    Arena Coliseo de Monterrey 11/5/06, 10/29/06 & 12/2/07

    ARSION 9/10/02
    ARSION "Starlight 2002" 8/15/02
    ARSION 4/8/01 "Starlet 2001"
    ARSION 5/15/01 "ARS 2001 Tournament"
    ARSION "ZION 2002" Tournament 10/23/02

    All Japan Classics #5 & #6
    All Japan Classics #70 4/7/08 "Jumbo Tsuruta: AWA World Champion"
    All Japan Classics #71 5/5/08 "Jumbo Tsuruta vs. Greg Gagne"
    All Japan #151 (8/25/07) & #152 (9/8/07)
    All Japan #155 (10/6/07) & #156 (10/13/07)
    GAEA "Mega Ride" 10/27/02 - 2-Disc Set!
    Dramatic Dream Gate 4/13/08 "DDG Returns" (4/6/08)

    Goodhelmet's Eddy Guerrero Tribute (36 discs)
    Goodhelmets Jake the Snake Comp (13 discs)

    Chikara King of Trios 08 (6 discs)

    Greatest 25 matches in NOAH History (9 discs)

    #3: November 1990
    11/90/90 in Drexel Hill, PA
    +Stan Lane & Eddie Gilbert vs. Terry Funk & Cactus Jack Manson
    +The Sandman vs. JT Smith
    ~ Terry Funk/Jerry Lawler Contract Signing
    11/10/90 in Bensalem, PA
    +Eddie Gilbert vs. Cactus Jack Manson
    +Terry Funk vs. Jerry Lawler (USWA Heavyweight Title Match)

    #4A: CWA Wrestling 7/9/89 in Nashville, TN (2 hours)
    +Dutch Mantell vs. Cat Garrett
    +Bill Dundee vs. “D.I.” Bob Carter
    +“Dirty White Boy” Tony Anthony vs. Dustin Rhodes
    +The Master of Pain (Undertaker) vs. Nightmare Freddie
    +Chris Champion & Mark Starr vs. Billy Joe Travis & Action Jackson
    +Jeff Jarrett vs. Black Bart
    +Heavyweight Champion Jerry Lawler vs. Iceman King Parsons

    #4B: CWA Wrestling 7/10/89 in Jonesboro, AR (2 hours)
    +“Dirty White Boy” Tony Anthony vs. Action Jackson
    +Bill Dundee vs. Mark Starr
    +Ricky Morton vs. Black Bart
    +Dustin Rhodes vs. Chris Champion
    +Dutch Mantell vs. Billy Joe Travis
    +Jeff Jarrett vs. Iceman King Parsons
    +Ricky Morton & Bill Dundee vs. Iceman King Parsons & Brickhouse Brown
    +Jerry Lawler, Jeff Jarrett & Nightmare Freddie vs. Dutch Mantell, Master of Pain (Undertaker) & Ronnie Gossett
    +Heavyweight Champion Jerry Lawler vs. Brickhouse Brown
    +Chris Champion & Mark Starr vs. Billy Joe Travis & Action Jackson

    #5: AWA Wrestling 7/6/88 in Easton, PA & AWA Q&A 7/6/88 (Over 90 minutes)
    +“Ragin’ Bull” Manny Fernandez vs. Wahoo McDaniel
    +AWA World Champion Jerry Lawler vs. Curt Hennig
    +The Rock ‘n’ Roll Express (Morton & Gibson) vs. Badd Company (Tanaka & Diamond)
    AWA Q&A 7/8/88 with Jerry Lawler, Curt Hennig & Rock 'n' Roll Express (30+ minutes)

    #24: WWA Wrestling 1/10/91 in Drexel Hill, PA (2 hours, Excellent VQ)
    +Victor Rivera Jr. vs. Jason Jarrett
    +Boy Gone Bad vs. C.N. Redd
    +“Surfer” Ray Odyssey & Chris Evans vs. The Lords of Darkness (WWA Tag Title Match)
    +Jerry Lawler vs. Bob Backlund
    +Dick Murdoch vs. Kamala
    +The Spider vs. The Golden Phoenix (WWA Title Match, Dr. Mark Curtis gets his!)

    #25: WWA Wrestling 1/11/91 in Clementon, PNJ (2 hours, Excellent VQ)
    +Morgus the Maniac vs. Ted E. Bear
    +The Hitman vs. The Ringmaster
    +Victor River Jr. vs. Jason Jarrett
    +Chris Candido vs. Chris Evans
    +WWA Tag Champs Lords of Darkness vs. Colombian Cartel
    +Jerry Lawler vs. Kamala (USWA Title Match)
    +Dick Murdoch vs. Bob Backlund
    +The Spider vs. Boy Gone Bad (WWA Title Match)

    #26: Tri-State Wrestling 1991 / WWA 1992 (1 hour 45 minutes, Excellent VQ)
    TWA 10/26/91 in Pine Hill, NJ
    +“Dr. Death” Steve Williams vs. Bam Bam Bigelow
    ~ “Nature Boy” Buddy Rogers / Buddy Landell Confrontation
    +Eddie Gilbert vs. Kevin Sullivan (Wild Brawl)
    WWA 3/7/92 in Woodberry, NJ
    +Chris Candido vs. Chris Evans
    +Thor vs. Lord of Darkness “Pain”
    +Golden Phoenix vs. Victor Rivera Jr.
    +The Spider vs. Boy Gone Bad (Joe Daniels) (WWA Title Match)
    +Battle Royal

    #39: WWA Wrestling 8/17/91 in Blackwood, NJ (2 hours 15 minutes, Very Good VQ)
    +Battle Royal
    +“Jungle” Jim McPherson vs. Chi Chi Gomez
    +Misty Blue Simmes vs. Kat LaRoux
    +Cactus Jack vs. Morgus the Maniac
    +Ray Odyssey, Chris Evans & The Spider vs. Bubba Monroe & Lords of Darkness
    +Golden Phoenix vs. Boy Gone Bad (WWA Title)
    +Stan Lane & Jim Cornette vs. Jerry Lawler & Dr. Mark Curtis
    +“Cowboy” Bob Orton Jr. vs. “Pretty Boy” Larry Sharpe
    +Terry Funk vs. Bob Backlund

    #47: WCW Wrestling October/December 1992 (2 hours, Excellent VQ)
    12/29/92 in Philadelphia, PA
    +Paul E. Dangerously vs. Maduse Micelli
    +Johnny B. Badd vs. Scotty Flamingo (Boxing Match)
    +Barry Windham vs. Dustin Rhodes
    +Sting & The Great Muta vs. Vader & Masa Chono
    +Tag Champs Ricky Steamboat & Shane Douglas vs. Jushin Liger & Kensuke Sasaki
    10/28/92 in Jacksonville, IN
    +Kensuke Sasaki vs. Diamond Dallas Page
    10/29/92 in Danville, IL
    +Kensuke Sasaki vs. Diamond Dallas Page
    +Vader & Steve Austin vs. Tom Zenk & Marcus Bagwell

    #48: WWA Wrestling November 1992 (1 hour 45 minutes, Excellent VQ)
    11/14/92 in Wayne, NJ
    +Chris Candido vs. Sabu (WWA Jr. Title Match)
    +Ray Odyssey vs. The Mauler
    +Terry Funk vs. Eddie Gilbert
    11/28/92 in Clementon, NJ
    +WWA Jr. Champ Chris Candido vs. Ray Odyssey
    +The Lightning Kid vs. “Flying” Bill Wilcox (Kid suffers legit injury)

    #54: WWA / ECW Wrestling 1/23/93 in Philadelphia, PA (2 hours, Excellent VQ)
    +WWA Jr. Champ “Surfer” Ray Odyssey vs. Chris Evans
    +Lords of Darkness vs. Super Destroyers (WWA Tag Title Match)
    +Kerry Von Erich vs. Salvatore Bellomo
    +Tony Stetson vs. Johnny Hotbody (Bullrope Match)
    +Davey Boy Smith vs. Masked Superstar
    +ECW Champion The Sandman vs. WWA Champion The Spider
    +Terry Funk vs. Eddie Gilbert (“I Quit” Match)

    #56: WWF Wrestling 5/2/93 in Providence, RI (1 hour 45 minutes, Excellent VQ)
    +Bob Backlund vs. Blake Beverly
    +The Smoking Gunns vs. The Head Shrinkers
    +Yokozuna vs. Jim Duggan
    +Intercontinental Champ Shawn Michaels vs. Mr. Perfect
    +Bam Bam Bigelow vs. Kamala
    +Bret Hart vs. Lex Luger

    #58: NWA “Grand Slam II” 7/10/93 in Minneapolis, MN (1 hour)
    +Battle Royal
    +Brian Christopher vs. Chris Candido
    +Sabu vs. Jerry Lynn
    +Eddie Gilbert vs. Road Warrior Hawk

    #60: CWA Wrestling 6/28/92 in Wallingford, CT (2 hours 15 minutes, Very Good VQ)
    +Tommy Dreamer vs. Ray Odyssey
    +Chris Candido vs. Johnny Rodz
    +Scott Taylor vs. Metal Maniac (Clip, Ending Only)
    +Eddie Gilbert & Vic Steamboat vs. Kevin Sullivan & Tazmaniac
    +Flex Lavender vs. Paul Zion (CWA Light Heavyweight Title Match)
    +Misty Blue Simmes, Crystal Blue & Little Louie vs. Kat LaRoux, Linda Dallas & Little Doomer (Highlights only)
    +Jimmy Snuka vs. Tony Atlas
    +The Bushwhackers vs. Powers of Pain (Barbarian & Warlord)
    +Don Muraco vs. The Honky Tonk Man

    #61: NWA “Grand Slam 1” 4/17/93 in Minneapolis, MN (2 hour, Excellent VQ)
    +The Tazmaniac vs. Brad Rheingans
    +Larry Cameron vs. Tommy Ferrara
    +Jerry Lynn vs. Chris Candido
    +Billy Blaze vs. Horace the Psychopath
    +Sabu vs. The Lightning Kid
    +Masa Saito & Charlie Norris vs. Nailz & The Hater
    +Terry Funk vs. Road Warrior Hawk

    #65: WCW 11/28/93 in Jacksonville, FL (1 hour 39 minutes, Excellent VQ)
    +Too Cold Scorpio & Marcus Bagwell vs. Tex Slazenger & Shanghai Pierce
    +Steve Austin vs. Brian Pillman
    ~ Ric Flair / Vader brawl
    +Dustin Rhodes vs. Paul Orndorff (US Title Match)
    +Sting & Davey Boy Smith vs. Steve Regal & Dick Slater
    +Rick Rude vs. Ricky Steamboat (NWA Title Match)

    #66: NWA Bensalem Bash 10/30/93 (1 hour 45 minutes, Excellent VQ)
    +The Blackhearts vs. Tazmaniac & Kamala vs. Ray Odyssey & Johnny Gunn vs. Boy Gone Bad & Chris the Edge (4 Way Elimination Match)
    +Ninja Turtle vs. Ed the Razor
    +Jim Cornette vs. Sherri Martel
    +Ted Dibiase vs. Terry Funk
    +Sabu vs. Chris Candido (Steel Cage Match, Incomplete)

    #67: Arezzi Convention 10/22/93 in NYC, NY (Close Angle, 2 hours, Excellent VQ)
    +Mike Norman vs. Mondo Viale
    +Louie Spicolli vs. Johnny Blaze
    +Louie Spicolli vs. Konnan
    +Tazmaniac vs. Chris Candido
    +Power Twins & Sunny Beach vs. Dennis Knight, Metal Maniac & Tom Davis
    +Konnan vs. Sabu
    +Greg Valentine vs. Scott Putski (w/Ivan Putski)
    +Terry Funk (w/Sherri) vs. Kevin Sullivan (w/Woman)

    #69: ASWA/MEWF 11/14/93 in Essex, MD (3 hours, Excellent VQ) 2 DISCS
    +Watsumi “The Rising Sun”, Chad Austin & Joe College vs. Johnny Paradise, Shane Shamrock, American Ninja & The Comet (3 vs. 4 Elimination Match)
    +Pat Patterson Jr. vs. Colossal Kong
    +Tazmaniac vs. Sabu
    +Hack Myers vs. Trent Young (ASWA Title Match)
    +Maxx Moon, Tommy Dreamer, Joe Thunder & Mike Khoury vs. Duane Gill, Bob Starr, Max Thrasher & Tommy Manson (Elimination Match)
    +Junkyard Dog vs. Kevin Sullivan
    +Axl & Ian Rotten vs. Tony Stetson & Johnny Hotbody vs. Jimmy Jannetty & Rich Myers vs. So. Destruction (Four Team Elimination Death Match for the ASWA/MEWF Tag Titles)
    +Greg Valentine vs. Johnny Gunn
    +Morgus the Maniac vs. Lucifer (MEWF Title Match)
    +Public Enemy (Rock & Grunge) vs. Badd Company (Paul Diamond & Pat Tanaka)
    +Jake Roberts vs. Mr. Hughes

    #82: WCW 10/6/93 in Dublin, Ireland (1 hour 45 minutes, Very Good VQ)
    +Johnny B. Badd vs. Scotty Flamingo
    +Maxx Payne vs. Van Hammer
    +Barry Windham vs. Dustin Rhodes
    +Davey Boy Smith vs. Vinnie Vegas
    +Paul Orndorff vs. Michael Hayes
    +Rick Rude vs. Cactus Jack
    +Sting vs. Vader (WCW World Title Change)

    #85: ICW (Ohio) / MTW (Michigan) April 1994 (2 hours, Excellent VQ)
    ICW Tournament 4/2/94 in Lima, OH
    +Al Snow vs. Rick Austin (1st Round)
    +Judge Dredd vs. Lumberjack LeDuke (1st Round)
    +Sabu vs. Otis Apollo (1st Round)
    +Al Snow vs. Steve Nixon (Quarter Finals)
    +Judge Dredd vs. Reno Havoc (Quarter Finals)
    +Sabu vs. Shinobi, The Ninja (Quarter Finals)
    +Randy Mullins vs. Scott D’Amore (Quarter Finals)
    +Al Snow vs. Judge Dredd (Semi Finals)
    +Sabu vs. Randy Mullins (Semi Finals)
    +Al Snow vs. Sabu (Finals)
    MTW 4/9/94 in Taylor, MI
    +Sabu vs. Terry Funk
    MTW 4/8/94
    +Sabu vs. Al Snow

    #91: NWA 4/23/94 in Woodbury, NJ (1 hour 30 minutes, Excellent VQ)
    +Jerry Lawler vs. Johnny Gunn
    +Doink the Clown vs. Dave Johnson
    +The Blackhearts vs. Louie Spicolli & Hollywood Kid
    +Terry Funk vs. Chris Benoit
    ~ Terry Funk Interview
    +Osamu Nishimura vs. Silver Streak

    #93: AAPW 1/28/94 in Taylor, MI (2 hours, Excellent VQ)
    +Dan Severn vs. Shinobi, The Ninja
    +Vladimir Koloff vs. Judge Dredd
    +Helmut Hessler vs. Death Dealer
    +Tazmaniac vs. Tommy Dreamer
    +Junkyard Dog vs. Ivan Koloff (Chain Match)
    +Sabu vs. Al Snow
    +Kevin Sullivan & Greg Valentine vs. The Barbarian & Virgil
    +Battle Royal featuring Hercules, Jim Neidhart & many others.

    #97: NEWF 8/14/93 in Highgate, VT (1 hour 30 minutes, Excellent VQ)
    +Bill Wilcox vs. Freight Train Fulton
    +Andy Ellison vs. Bill Slayer
    +Hades vs. Mad Dog Richard (Vermont State Title)
    +Brittany Brown vs. Alundra Storm (NEWF Women’s Title)
    +Metal Maniac vs. Vinnie Power
    +Nailz vs. Maxx Moon
    +Rick Martel vs. Demolition Ax

    #108: WWF 8/26/94 at the Nassau Coliseum (2 hours 30 minutes, Excellent VQ)
    +Quebecer Pierre vs. Bob “Sparkplug” Holly
    +Heavenly Bodies vs. Bushwhackers
    +Alundra Blayze vs. Bull Nakano (Women’s Title Match)
    +Adam Bomb vs. Kwang
    +Shawn Michaels & Diesel vs. Head Shrinkers (WWF Tag Title Match)
    +Bam Bam Bigelow & Jeff Jarrett vs. Mabel & Doink
    +Tatanka vs. Irwin R. Schyster (Indian Strap Match)
    +Bret Hart & Razor Ramon vs. Owen Hart & Jim Neidhart

    #115: NWA July – August 1994 (2 hours, Excellent VQ)
    8/7/94 in Lima, OH
    +Sabu vs. Osamu Nishimura (NWA IND Title Match)
    +Chris Benoit vs. Al Snow
    7/23/94 in Lincoln Park, MI
    +Sabu vs. Steve Nixon
    +Sabu vs. Al Snow (Ladder Match for NWA IND Title)
    8/19/94 in Lincoln Park, MI
    +Sabu vs. Tazmaniac (NWA IND Title Match)
    8/5/94 in Lincoln Park, MI
    +Sabu vs. Chris Benoit

    #116: WCW 10/15/94 in Oakland, CA (1 hour 45 minutes, Very Good VQ)
    ~ Show includes some local TV interviews hyping the card
    +TV Champ Johnny B. Badd vs. Jean-Paul Levesque
    +Honky Tonk Man vs. Brian Pillman
    +Sting vs. Steve Regal
    +Nasty Boys & Dustin Rhodes vs. Arn Anderson, Bunkhouse Buck & Col. Rob Parker
    +Kevin Sullivan vs. Dave Sullivan
    +US Heavyweight Champ Jim Duggan vs. Steve Austin
    +WCW Heavyweight Champ Hulk Hogan vs. Ric Flair

    #125: CWUSA 1994 (2 hours, Excellent VQ)
    9/30/94 in Portland, OR (Handheld)
    +Bart Sawyer vs. CW Bergstrom
    +Love Machine (Art Barr) & Col. DeBeers vs. Brian Cox & Karl Pope
    TV Show
    +Ron & Don Harris (Bruise Brothers) vs. Jesse Barr & CW Bergstrom
    +Jesse Barr & Lou Andrews vs. Brian Cox & Silver Shadow
    +Love Machine (Art Barr) vs. John Rambo (Barr breaks Rambo’s nose, Shoot!)

    #137: WWF 5/12/95 in Providence, RI (2 hours, Very Good VQ)
    +Man Mountain Rock vs. Kwang
    +The Blu Twins vs. The Bushwhackers
    +Razor Ramon vs. The Roadie
    +Intercontinental Champ Jeff Jarrett vs. Bob Holly
    +Head Shrinkers vs. Heavenly Bodies
    +Bret Hart vs. Jerry Lawler
    +Tatanka vs. Bam Bam Bigelow
    +Diesel & Undertaker vs. Sid & Kama

    #157: All-Star Wrestling 3/9/96 in Washington, NC (1 hour 30 minutes, Excellent VQ)
    +Jake Caliendo vs. Mad Dog Murnick (Loser Eats Dog Food)
    +Wahoo McDaniel vs. Billy Black
    +Adam Bomb vs. Mr. Hughes
    +Rob Van Dam vs. Gorgeous George III
    +Steiner Brothers vs. Barbarian & Mr. Hughes (Falls Count Anywhere)

    Show #1:
    UWF 4/9/87
    4 girl catfight
    Michael Hayes/Buddy Roberts vs. Bill Irwin/Angel of Death

    NWF Show Summer 87
    Sicilian Beast vs. Dave Huff
    The Beach Boys vs. Executioners
    Jules Strongbow vs. DC Drake
    Wendi Richter vs. Heidi Lee Morgan
    Sgt Slaughter vs. Sheik El-Shaad

    NWA Show 11/22/87
    Eddie Gilbert vs. Jimmy Jackson
    Bubba Rogers vs. John Garvin
    Kevin Sullivan vs. Rick Steiner
    Paul Ellering vs. JJ Dillon
    Arn Anderson vs. Robert Gibson
    Tully Blanchard vs. Rick Morton
    Road Warriors vs. Eaton/Lane

    Show #2
    NWA 10/15/88
    Road Warriors vs. Rick Steiner/Mike Rotunda
    Kevin Sullivan vs. Eddie Gilbert
    Eaton/Lane vs. Fulton/Rogers
    JJ Dillon vs. Jim Cornette

    Show #3
    NWA 1/6/89
    Condry/Randy Rose vs. Fulton/Rogers
    Barry Windham vs. Eddie Gilbert
    Manager's Bunkhouse brawl
    Dusty/Lex/Sting vs. RWs/Paul Ellering
    Flair vs. Rick Steiner (title)
    Battle Royale

    Show #4
    The Golden Phoenix vs. Jim McPherson
    The Blade vs. BT Express
    The Sandman vs. JT Smith
    Contract signing between Lawler and Funk
    Jerry Lawler vs. Eddie Gilbert
    Rockin' Rebel vs. Sonny Blaze
    Larry Winters/Johnny Hot Body vs. Michael Bruno/Tony Stetson
    Stan Lane/Eddie Gilbert vs. Terry Funk/Cactus Jack manson
    Battle Royal

    Show #5
    Kowabunga vs. Chi Chi Gomez
    Heavy Metal Maniac vs. DK Blanche
    Chris Candito vs. Jimmy Shoulders
    Golden Phoenix vs. The Spider
    Big Hoss vs. Glen Routh
    Eddie Gilbert vs. Cactus Jack Manson
    Terry Funk vs. Jerry Lawler
    Johnny Hot Body vs. Tony Stetson

    Show #6
    Florida IPWA
    1986 - Brody vs. Luger (where Luger flees ring)

    Terry Davis vs. California Kid
    Overloard/Bob Bittman vs. The Miser/Barry houston
    Norman Smiley/Alex G vs. Danny Evens/Bruno Sassi
    Moose Jobere vs. Gator Long
    Blaze Bigelow vs. Matt Otto
    The Blackhearts vs. Rusty Brooks/Randy rhodes

    Iron Eagles vs. Brooks/Bigelow
    Tyrone Prior/Tyree Pride vs. Matt Otto/Alex G
    Brooks/Bounty Hunter vs. Moose/Cali. Kid
    The Miser/Bruno Sassi vs. Death Row 3260/Gator Long
    Brooks/Bigelow vs. Matt Otto/Alex G
    Moose/Cali. Kid vs. Death Row 3260/Gator Long
    Brooks/Bigelow vs. Moose/Cali. Kid

    Show #7
    Virgin Islands
    Kerry and Kevin VE vs. Bill Irwin/Ivan Koloff

    two local wrestlers
    Fulton/Rogers vs. King Parsons/The Grappler
    Morton/Gibson vs. Bill Irwin/Ivan Koloff
    Garvin/Perez vs. Kerry and Kevin VE
    Fulton/Rogers vs. Morton/Gibson
    Fulton/Rogers vs. Garvin/Perez

    Show #8
    Henning vs. Lawler AWA Title 5/9/88 (with build up & interviews)
    Morton/Gibson vs Dynamite Kid/Davey Boy Smith 2/12/89 (taped for AJPW from Kansas)

    NWA 10/20/90
    Dutch Mandell vs. Norman
    Terry Taylor vs. The Stomper
    Danger Zone vs. T. Zenk/Brad Armstrong
    JYD vs. Buddy landel
    Mike Rotunda vs. JW Storm
    The Striner Bros. vs. Eaton/Lane
    Sting vs. Black Scorpion

    Show #9
    TWA 3/2/91
    Koloff vs. Manny Fernandez (Russian Chain Match)
    Cactus Jack vs. Eddie Gilbert
    The Sheik vs. Abdullah the Butcher
    Tony Stetson vs. johnny Hotbody (barbed wire)
    Lawler vs. Funk (Audience Lumberjack)

    Cactus vs. Gilbert (3 matches...Falls count anywhere, stretcher, and cage)
    Madusa Maceli vs. Luna Vachon
    Austin Idol vs. Buddy Landel
    Fulton/Rogers vs. Stane Lane/Jim Cornette

    Show #10
    TWA 9/21/91
    Last Blood Battle Royal
    DC Drake vs. JT Smith
    Tony Stetson vs. Mr. Sandman
    Johnny Hot Body/DC Drake vs. The Blackhearts
    Owen Hart vs. Takayuki Tizuka
    Terry Funk vs. Kevin Sullivan
    Eddie Gilbert/Madusa vs. Cactus/Luna
    Sheik vs. Abdullah

    Show #11
    WCW 12/27/91
    PN News vs. Terry Taylor
    Jimmy Garvin vs. Dallas Page
    T. Zenk vs. Zybyszko
    Abby/Cactus vs. El Gigante/Van Hammer
    Rick Rude vs. Sting
    Johnny B. Badd vs. Rick Morton
    Steve Austin vs. Scott Steiner (TV Title)
    Jushin Liger vs. Brian Pillman
    Steamboat/Dustin vs. Arn/Eaton (Tag Titles)
    Luger vs. Rick Steiner (Title)

    Show #12
    Tommy Cairo vs. Damien Storm
    Chris Candito vs. Sabu (Jr. Title)
    Ray Odyssey vs. the Mauler
    Terry Funk vs. Eddie Gilbert (Texas Death match)

    Lightning Kid vs. "Flying" Bill Wilcox
    Chris Candito vs. Ray Odyssey

    Show #13
    Gary Stevens vs. Master Ninja
    Rolling Thunder vs. Doug Button
    The Panther vs. irish Hitman
    Lightning Lenny vs. the Skull
    The real Deal vs. The Kansas Tornado
    Battle Royal

    Lightning Kid vs. tommy Ferrara (lt hvywt title)
    JW Storm vs. Randy Gusto
    Punisher 1 vs. Steve berg
    Punisher 2 vs. Tony Denucci
    Charlie Norris vs. the Warlord

    Show #14
    Jim Powers vs. The Predator
    Typhoon vs. John Nord
    Steiners vs. Double trouble
    Henning vs. Flair
    Tatonka vs. Dr. Demento
    HBK vs. Savage (IC)
    Razor vs. Big Bossman
    Bret vs. bam Bam

    Show #15
    CA Lucha
    Astucia vs. Neon
    Crazy Boy vs. Lover Boy
    Piloto Suicida/Estuka vs. Psicopata/ Bruno Victoria
    Chavo G/Angel Blanco Jr./Genghis Kahn vs. Tinieblas Sr/Rey Misterion/Ultraman 2000

    Show #16
    Rich Meyers vs. Watsumi (lt hvywt)
    Mighty Doom vs. Little Hercules
    Mike Sharpe vs. T-Bone Strong
    Ricky Lane/Chad Austin vs. Quinn Nash/Mike Khoury
    Lucifer vs. Morgus The Maniac
    Madusa vs. Nasty Angel
    JYD vs. Russian Assasin
    Jake Roberts vs. Greg Valentine

    Show #17
    Derrick Domino vs. Kabuki Kid
    Max Thrasher vs. Rip Sawyer ACW Title
    Terry Funk vs. Sabu

    Show #18
    WCW 8/19/93
    Yoshi Kwan vs. Brad Armstrong
    Dick Slater vs. Mark Starr
    Steve Regal vs. Steamboat
    Arn/Roma vs. Tex Slazenger/Shanhai Pierce
    Johnny B. Badd vs. Maxx Payne
    Sting vs. vader
    Flair vs. Sid

    Show #19
    WWN 2/28/94
    Jake Roberts vs Bob Orton
    The Convict vs. Jason Knight
    911 vs. Mike Watson/Paul ?
    Rocco Rock/Johnny Grunge vs. Pat Tanaka/Paul Diamond
    RW Hawk vs. Brian Reed
    Bob Orton vs. Tommy Dreamer
    Jake Roberts vs. Keith Scherer
    RW Hawk vs. The Convict
    Terry Funk vs. Sabu

    Show #20
    SMW 3/10/94
    123 Kid vs. Bobby Blaze
    New Jack vs. Hillbilly Festus (N. Georgia Title)
    Tracy Smothers vs. Chris Candido
    Garvin vs. Kevin Sullivan
    Luger vs. Rotunda
    Tony Anthony/DWG vs. Brian Lee/Tammy
    Scott Steve ad Brian Armstrong vs. Well/Dunn/Owen Hart
    Tom Prichard/Jimmy Del ray vs. Morton/Gibson (SM Tag Titles)
    Bob Armstrong vs. Jim Cornette (cage)

    Show #21
    NWA 2/19/94
    Sabu vs. Chris benoit
    Sabu vs. Too Cold Scorpio

    Show #22
    SMW 4/20/94
    Smothers vs. Kendo the Samurai
    Thrillseekers vs. Well/Dunn
    Lee/Candido vs. Morton Gibson (title)
    Bruiser Bedlam vs. Randy Savage
    Jake Roberts vs. Tony Anthony (SMW Title)

    Show #23
    Sabu vs. Al Snow
    Hawk vs. Terry Funk
    Sabu vs. terry Funk
    Sabu vs. Terry Funk (Texas Death Match)

    Show #24
    Bill Wilcox vs. Freight Train Fulton
    Tony Roy vs. Brian Bugle
    Sabu vs. Rob Zakowski
    Jaime west vs. Brittany Brown
    Mad Dog Richard vs. Paul Bunyon
    Demo. Axe vs. Richard Charland
    Abdullah vs. The Sheik
    Karl Von Steiner vs. Nady Ellison

    Show #24
    Thrillseekers vs. Dunn/Killer Kyle
    Bruiser Bedlam vs. Tracy Smothers (coal Miners glove)
    Lee/Candido vs. Morton/Gibson (Titles)
    Jake Roberts vs. Tony Anthony (SMW Title)

    Show #26
    Thrillseekers vs. Well/Dunn (penalty box match)
    Morton/Gibson/Banbi vs. Lee/Candido/Tammy
    The Funk Bros vs. Scott/Steve Armstrong
    Tracy Smothers vs. Bruiser Bedlam (dock fight)
    Tony Anthony vs. Bruiser Bedlam (cage fight)

    Show #27
    WWF 8/27/94
    Prichard/Del Ray vs. Butch Miller/Luke Williams
    Alundra Blaze ve. Bull Nakano (WWF Woman's Title)
    Adam Bomb vs. Kwang
    Headshrinkers vs. Shawn/Diesel (titles)
    IRS vs. Tatonka (Indian strap match)
    bret/razor vs. owen.neidhart

    Show #28
    NWC 10/48/94
    Volcano Kid vs. Wild Renegade
    Billy Anderson vs. tim Patterson
    The thug vs. Wayne Young
    Brutus Beefcake vs. Nailz
    The Power Twins vs. Pit Bull/Samurai Warrior
    Sabu vs. Bobby Bradley
    Terry Funk vs. Tito Santana

    Show #29
    Sabu vs Al Snow (lumberjack match)
    Sabu vs. Tazmaniac (Tazmanian deathmatch)

    Show #30
    HH 23 VWA 11/16/91
    Leatherface vs. Johnny Couger
    Dragonmaster vs. Mike Justice
    Jeff Collet vs. Todd Wilder
    Agent Orange vs. Nicky Hawkes
    The Cream team vs THUNDERFOOTS 1/2
    Heide Lee vs. Rust Thompsin
    PLUS: Axl Rotten vs. Johnny lawler 12/1/91 AWF

    Smothers vs Devon Storm
    Gilbert vs. Johnny Gunn
    Candito vs. Snow
    Tony Anthony vs. Jerry lawler
    Osamu Nishimura vs. Lou Perez
    Inferno Kid vs. Mr. Motion
    Scotty Flamingo vs. Doink
    Round Two
    Smothers vs. Gilbert
    Candito vs. Tony Anthony
    The Gangsters vs. Morton/Gibson
    Candito vs. Smothers

    Show #32
    West Coast 9/25/94
    Bart Sawyer/Buddy Wayne vs. Atomic Punk/Ole Olsen
    Johnny Canuck vs. Skullcrusher
    Dillon Powers vs. Firefighter Adrian (WCCW mid hvywt)
    Timothy Flowers vs. Trash Man
    Rocky Dellaserra vs The Bodygaurd
    Doink vs. Michelle Slater
    Tito vs. Martel

    Show #33
    10/14/94 NWA
    Sabu vs Cactus (No DQ)
    10/30/94 NWC
    Sabu vs. Cactus Jack Falls Count anywhere
    1/6/95 NWA

    Show #34
    SMW 4/19/95
    Bobby Blaze vs D-Lo
    Gibson vs. Unabomb Falls Count anywhere
    Landel vs. Steve Armstrong (SMW Title)
    Boo Bradley vs. Killer Kyle (Dog Collar Match)
    PG13 vs. Tony Anthony/Smothers tag title
    Terry Funk/Bob Armstrong vs. the Gangstes (texas death match)
    Morton vs. Snow (scaffold match)

    Show #35
    MidAtlantin 3/95
    Ninja Warrior vs. Scott McKeever
    Terry Funk/Wr. Crew rage vs. Doug Gibson/Lady Killer
    Leon Downs vs. Scott McKeever
    Bambi vs. Peggy lee Leather
    Wr. Crew rage vs. Ray Storm
    Terry Funk vs. Doug Gibson
    Battle royal

    Show #36
    MTW 1995
    Al Snow vs. Brad Armstrong 9/30
    Al Snow vs. Too Cold Scorpio 3/25
    Cactus Jack vs. Bruiser bedlam 3/25

  • Registered Users Posts: 10,599 ✭✭✭✭ShawnRaven

    Have a stupidly big WWE collection that i started in 1990, the VHS's have since been transferred to DVD, but basicaly to sum it up, i've got every PPV from 1985 to 2007 (held off this years in case of bly-ray releases), most TV stuff from 1986-2001, and most of the coliseum releases that came out from 1985-1997 as well as a few other rarities. Have most of the WCW PPV's as well, but i think i'm missing about 1 or 3 of them. :)

    I'd stick up the list, but i haven't updated it in about three years, and my pic is in the other thread, but that doesnt include the 3-4 multi cd case holders of stuff too. :)

    I'm thankful i collected them in the end, because it's pretty much the only reason i'm still watching wrestling cos todays product is rubbish in my honest opinion.


  • Closed Accounts Posts: 21,235 ✭✭✭✭flahavaj

    I'm freaked by the way the board put a frown smilie beside Benoit's name on my list. That wasn't on purpose.:eek:

    *Backs slowly away from computer*

  • Posts: 14,344 ✭✭✭✭ Samara Echoing Nectarine

    So big DVD fans obviously?

    Thats an enormous list. I think i have like.. what.. 10 DVDs :(:o

    I do find the collections i seen in the DVD thread to be very, very impressive. How many times do you watch the same DVD though? just curiousity.

    Or is it just wanting to own them? :P

    I took some (half-assed) pictures of my stuff (room is in a bit of a state, so..yeah..)

    Figures - ECW Series' and 1 of my 3 loose shelves:

    The other 2 of the 3 shelves (they are all beside each other running along the wall)

    Random crap on my desk (Hurricane's mask looks odd because the plastic mask is on top of the replica mask. I have Rey's mask, but isn't in the room so i didnt photograph it).

    SmackDown! HD rassling arena set up, MOC (Still in packaging) Classic Superstars collection and 3 of 5 replica belts (behind the Titan Tron)

    The other two belts:

    I also have about 30 more of the Unmatched Fury figures (the kinda statuette figures) sitting in boxes underneath the arena (as i've nowhere to display them properly), a few additional figures, rings, t-shirts, CD's etc. in another room. But what i've photographed is the majority of all i own.

    Obviously everything is just thrown in a state at the moment, but i have to build more shelves and stuff, so in the mean time I'm not gonna bother organizing it :o (except the figures, they'll be staying essentially the same)

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  • Registered Users Posts: 14,600 ✭✭✭✭CMpunked

    flahavaj wrote: »
    I'm freaked by the way the board put a frown smilie beside Benoit's name on my list. That wasn't on purpose.:eek:

    *Backs slowly away from computer*

    Where is it?

    I scrolled through your post twice to see it but i dont want to spend another 15 minutes doing it again, :P

    But in seriousness, very, very nice collection man.

  • Posts: 14,344 ✭✭✭✭ Samara Echoing Nectarine

    Where is it?

    I scrolled through your post twice to see it but i dont want to spend another 15 minutes doing it again, :P

    But in seriousness, very, very nice collection man.

    Near the top:

    Chikara 8.13.05 (2)
    Chikara Sample Disc
    Chikara Tag Wrld Grand prix 2005 (6)
    Chikara Tag Wrld Grand prix 2006 (7)
    Chikara Torneo Cibernetica 2005 (2)
    Chikara retribution Rumble of Revenge and Rebellion to Remember

    The Blueblood,The Bruiser and Benoitfrown.gifAll TV Matches involving Finlay/Regal/Benoit AWESOME (7)
    Best of Rey Mysterio (10) AWESOME
    Best of Mysterio (2) (11) EVEN BETTER
    BEst Matches in RAW History (15) AWESOME
    Joshi for Dummies (Best matches in Joshi History) (5)NUMEROUS MUST SEE MATCHES

  • Closed Accounts Posts: 21,235 ✭✭✭✭flahavaj

    So big DVD fans obviously?

    Thats an enormous list. I think i have like.. what.. 10 DVDs :(:o

    I do find the collections i seen in the DVD thread to be very, very impressive. How many times do you watch the same DVD though? just curiousity.

    Or is it just wanting to own them? :P

    There's a huge amount of my collection I've yet to watch in full. I'll get there eventually. I suppose collecting things of ANY type is addictive and you always have a desire for completeness. Plus I try to keep my tastes as wide ranging as possible and theres always something more out there that you have to get your hands on.

  • Closed Accounts Posts: 21,296 ✭✭✭✭gimmick

    Just DVds really, and even with that, I have tailed off an awful lot buying (stupid mortgage). I have 60ish ROH DVDs, 40ish WWE 20 odd ECW, and about 30 various ie PWG, NOAH etc. I would have an awful lot more if I was not so anal about oly wanting originals.

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  • Registered Users Posts: 1,467 ✭✭✭shenanigans1982

    I have a few DVD's and quite a collection of t-shirts. My OH has a lot of t-shirts and an AJ Styles waistcoat/hoodie that is her pride and joy.

  • Registered Users Posts: 77 ✭✭mrstpatsfc

    use to have an impressive amount of figures,in excess of 200 with wwf wwe ece wcw and tna stars.

    have the odd t-shirt prefer to collect the video games though and go to the events.

    selling up my dvd collection atm cheap enough ,email me at if interested in any of the following

    Wrestling Videos
    Ecw Hard Hits series
    Ecw House Party 96
    ecw Big Ass Extreme Bash
    ecw House Party 98
    ecw november2 remember 98
    ecw november2remember 99
    ecw november2remember 2000
    ecw hardcore heaven 95
    ecw guilty as charged 2001
    ecw extreme warfare
    Wwe/wcw/ecw invasion 2001


    Ecw Cyber slam 98
    ecw november2remember 95
    ecw november2remember 96
    ecw crossing the line again 2007
    wwe unforgiven 2004
    wwe backlash 2003
    the rise and fall of ecw
    wwe rebellion 2001
    wwe no way out 04
    wwe insurrextion 03
    wwe before they were superstars volume2
    Roh manhattan mayhem 05

  • Registered Users Posts: 1 Troighteach8

    No shilling

    Zombie topic closed

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