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Dinosaur scale replica's

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    Moderators, Science, Health & Environment Moderators Posts: 1,397 mod slade_x

    Does anyone know where to get, "smaller" skeleton model replicas. the ones i seem to have come across are absolutely massive for example:

    Allosaurus Skull
    At scale 1:4 to the real thing it measures 18cm x 16.5cm. Cost £55

    T. Rex Skull
    At Scale 1:4 to the real thing it measures 37cm x 27cm. Cost £250

    T. Rex Skeleton Replica 1:20 Scale - this is exactly what im looking for just cheaper and smaller
    This exceptional skeleton replica is hand-finished and was made with technical assistance from palaeontologists and moulding artists. At a scale of 1:20 it measures approximately 73 x 33 centimetres and comes with a presentation stand and descriptive plate. Cost £350

    As you can imagine far too big for a little desktop ornament, there are the crappy cheap £5 one's but they are a little too crap for example:
    A cheap t.rex that comes presented in a test tube.

    I dont know why but i would love to have the trex skeleton at that size but wouldnt pay the price.

    One very big problem is they dont seem to ship to ireland :(

    EDIT: i seem to have come across which has far more reasonable prices and offers international shipping, anyone ordered from them?