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Charter: Please read before posting

  • 10-08-2008 8:49pm
    Closed Accounts Posts: 10,382 ✭✭✭✭ watna

    Hi all,

    This is a forum to discuss all things relating to visiting/living in Australia or New Zealand.

    There are a few basic rules, just to make sure we all play nice!

    1) No personal abuse - attack the post, not the poster. Abuse, nastiness or harrassment of other posters will not be tolerated. This is a nice friendly, helpful place!

    2) Please keep on topic - I'll include a general chat thread were we can talk about how hard it is to live without central heating and how ot understand the accents. You can go there for general chit chat with fellow boarsdies living in NZ or AUS.

    3) No arguing with mod decisions in thread. Please send a pm if you have a problem with a moderator action. We'll reply, we're nice that way.

    4) If you have a problem with a post please do not bring it up in the thread, report the post i.e. no backseat modding

    5) No text speak. For the love of god no text speak. Use your keyboard. It's pretty.

    6) Have fun!


  • Extra Charter Point:

    Please no legal advice about visas etc. The only people who can tell you if you will definitely get a visa in your circumstances are immigration.

    Feel free to share your experiences and what happened to you in your circumstances, the more people we have discussing that the better, but as I said above please to not advise someone that they definitely will or will not get a visa,

  • Please try and keep your answers helpful. People come here for advice and can be frustrated and lookig for help.

    Posters who post unhelpful/smart arse replies will be infracted. This is a friendly, helpful and welcoming forum. Lets keep it that way please.

  • As an update to the no legal advice on visas, there is to be no illegal advice on visas.

    Threads were people are asking how to fool immigration or if they should lie to the authorites will be locked. Posters who encourage people to do anything dodgy or illegal as a way in to Aus/NZ will be infracted and/or banned.

    Threads like these ones can get boards in to serious trouble and cause a lot of problems if people take your "legal" advice as a given.

    This post is as a result of the irish passport scam thread today. In future, threads like this one will be deleted and posters banned/infracted.

  • Update regarding FAQ.

    Please have a quick browse through the FAQ before posting, chances are the answer you seek is in there.

    Asking a question answered in it may result in us closing your thread as it stop us having 5 threads on the one subject.

  • Please note the site rules are listed and explained here:
    1. Be Civil (Don't be a dick)
    2. Don't post porn
    3. Don't spam your message
    4. Don't advertise your company
    5. Don't abuse people personally
    6. Don't back seat moderate
    7. Don't give/ request medical or professional advice
    8. Not reading the rules is against the rules
    9. Don’t post stuff that is not safe for work [NSFW]
    10. Forbidden topics of discussion

    Also please note us moderators are not perfect - so we will be graced
    'Discretion of the Moderator'

    You can dispute any infractions by following this process

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