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Sunday lunch this week is...

  • 11-08-2008 7:09am
    Banned (with Prison Access) Posts: 1,405 NewFrockTuesday

    Ive just put a leg of John Fs best Achill lamb in the oven to roast. Its sitting on a shuck of sage that I grow out the back garden and then wrapped in foil. I gave it a good salting too with a small wash of oil.Ive decided to leave off the rosemany today to enjoy the sage by itself. Ill prolly unwrap it about 40 mins from the end to crisp up but I want it perfumed first.

    When I unwrap it, Im going to add baby new potatoes to roast in the juices and then have some baby carrots with it. I might do a second veg....depends on the mood and whether or not I can be bothered going up to the shop. Lazy I know, but its Sunday so Im allowed!

    Ill make a bit of gravy from the juices and thats about it for today! Its a lazy version of the full whack roast. Last week we had beef, YPs, roasties, mash, cauliflower cheese, tarragon baby carrots and homemade gravy.

    So what are all ye foodies having for lunch today? Are you cooking it or being cooked for? What are yer fav Sunday lunches and do you still think your mother makes the best one or have you come to realise that you have in fact taken over as the best Sunday roaster (:D) or have you had any catastrophies along the way?

    Baked alaska for dessset. Im defo in a lazy mood today!
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