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Driving Abroad

  • 04-08-2008 3:43pm
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    As per usual i tried searching for a previous thread but to no avail. So here i am...
    Im hoping to head to Sweden in September... but rather than fly my friends and i thought we'd take a few extra day and actually drive there. My question is: Is there any restrictions on diving abroad?
    I'll only have had my full licence a couple of months by the time we go is that long enough?
    The other driver has had it for years so thats fine. I hear that in Norway we may need an International Drivers Licence but other than that im clueless.
    Any Ideas?



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    All you need is your full drivers licence unless you wish to hire a car where you may need a certain amount of experience also (usually 3 years) but you can always find someone to hire you a car.

    There's no need to get an International Drivers Licence if everyone driving if from Europe.

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    Were using our own car... While im perfectly happy letting my friend drive all the way there (lol), it would be nice to get there and back in one piece. So i may have to take the wheel at somestage and its comforting to know that i wont be breaking the law!

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    Check with your insurance company before you go to ensure you are covered and any restrictions which may be in place.

    I would also suggest ensuring that your friends who drive your car are made COMP to do so (whether that be you adding them as named drivers or whatever you choose) otherwise if they drive your car up a wall you're not covered.

    Check the rules of the road for all countries you will be driving through as they may have different requirements from both the car and the driver.

    Also do any research into costs of tolls, petrol, ferrys, etc.

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    One other thing; the drink driving limit in Nowway and Sweden is 0.2mg per 100 ml so you'll need to be very careful if driving in the morning after a few beers.

    In fact whoever is driving the next day will need to stay on the dry the night before.

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    The last post is duly noted. Yeah insurance is the next thing something again i know little about.


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    The points made above are important , esp the different requirements.

    For example in France you have to carry things like ( and I may be missing or have added some )

    Emergency triangle
    First aid kit
    spare bulb set

    some countries expect you to have hi-viz vests also.

    In France esp ( and maybe other countries ) the local police almost regard it as a sport to stop non-local cars and check the above and issue on the spot fines.

    I have never driven in Scandinavia , however driven a lot in France/Germany/Benelux , the driving on the ' wrong side of the road ' is fine, but take a lot of extra care when you are tired because this is when you will default so to speak. Also when you are in car-parks and other ' off road ' situations rememeber to stick to the right still .