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Mature applicants to AGS.

  • 31-07-2008 2:13pm
    Registered Users Posts: 574 ✭✭✭ oldscoil

    Hey Folks.

    Wasn't sure how to title this thread, "What if you're an old bastard" was an alternative title.

    I've applied to AGS and I am sitting my interview shortly.
    I am 33 this November.
    I know that the age has increased to 35, but I'm wondering how many older applicants are successful in ratio to younger applicants.
    Also what level of fittness is required (I'm in good enough shape, kinda) :)

    Hopefully if I am successful, and I get attested, are there any differences in where older recruits get placed.

    As I am entering late, am I reducing my chances of promotion as I haven't served the a fraction of the time a 33 year old thats been in the force for 15 years has.

    I'm not looking for a cushty desk job, pushing a pen and eating donuts, I'm just curious if anyone has ANY INFO regarding entering AGS older?

    Any info would be helpful.


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    Haz33 who is starting in aug with a fair few of us ' whipper snappers' :D is / was in the same boat as yourself and would be the man to talk to.

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    I was 30 when I applied and found at the interview that they were well pleased with my interview cos I was able to tell them of my life and work experiences which was alot greater than a 18 - 23 yr old. I have always said that an older candidate has a better chance of being accepted because of greater maturity and greater work/life experiences. At your interview make sure to highlight this fact by actually telling them what you have done in previous jobs etc

    If/When you go to the college you will see the difference between the mature and immature people. Not saying that the younger generation are not any good but the older people tend to have more sense in certain situations.

    On patrol I find that in some cases people tend to be drawn to me cos I am older than everyone on my unit although they have much longer service than I do.

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    Right I for one am s**t sick of references to age, if the Gardai thought you were too old at that age you wouldn't be able to apply. People are calling themselves old, earlier and earlier now. Some people God bless them nearly have a stroke cause they hit 25. I for one think... what was the term oh ya "whipper snappers" should appreciate that in a few (very quick yrs) will be at the age of 30 -35 so get ready it'll come faster than you know. Remember the age limit was increased from 26 to 35 because you ARE NOT old at that age. The PSNI recruit up to the age of 50 - 55. I'm late twenties if you must know and everyone keeps telling me oh your so lucky you don;t look old, thanks a polite way of saying you are but you don't look it. Hm, well at the latest possible age of application 35 you still get to hopefully serve 25 yrs, not bad so do you a) apply for a job you really, really want or b) listen to people tell you, your too old or any other negative ageist remarks?? The choice is yours.