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Speedball Open Day 9 - (S.O.D. 9)

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    Location: Anarky Paintball, Newry
    Spots available: No limit as of yet
    Date: Sunday July 13th
    Time: 12pm - Noon Kick off
    Field Fee: GBP 15 (Eur 20 ish)
    Equipment Rental is needed: GBP20 (25 Euro) for Marker, Hopper, Tank
    Paint Grades / Price: Draxxus Bronze GBP 30 (39 euro) or Diablo field paint GBP 25 (33 euro)
    Marshals: Teams in rotation for S.O.D. and Anarky Staff for Paintball 1o1
    AIR: 3000psi HPA on Site
    Directions: GOOGLE MAPS On the way but 10mins from train station for non car people

    All are welcome, paintball newbies are encouraged to attend

    There is going to be a change to this S.O.D. folks and any future ones. Up until now, when people turned up, there is the usual waiting for people to get ready and waiting for 10 random people to be ready to play some games. Not anymore. From now on, the S.O.D. is going to be mini tournaments in them selves made up of a random team for the day. Teams will be made up before hand and they will stick together for the entire day.

    This will benefit people more as it will actually give people a chance to get used to a certain position, calls and people. Where up until now, every game has been with different people and the same questions are being asked 'Where are you going.... who are you..... where are you shooting.....'

    There will be 2 hours or so of S.O.D. games and then we will break up and start the PAINTBALL 1o1 TOURNAMENT. Thats the plan for the day anyways. Just make sure and keep a bag or so of paint for 1o1. After 1o1, there will be another small session of games for those who still have paint to shoot it off.

    This will be the last practice for most of you before the last IXL, so if you need it, then use it Wink