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New lawn contractor ?

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    I hope some of you may be able to help me with this. I have just built a new house in the Dublin/Kildare area, and need to get the lawn done. It has alredy been graded but I need a contractor to come in and remove the stones and seed the garden, I would do it myself but it is quite big. I have looked around and there are plenty about, but I was wondering if anyone could rec someone. Tks


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    whoever you hire, do you're self a flavour..........tell them you are not going to pay them for the job unless it completely level, with no stones and well seeded and raked. Tell them you want to see the use of a mini tractor and land leveler to level the lawns perfect.......its the only proper wat to level lawns.......i know some who paid a guy good money to do the job, and he made a dogs dinner out of it.........its a uneven mess.......but the guy still got paid and now has to be RE_DONE!.